Revenge of Switched at Birth?

Yet another round of SAB submissons found while going through old emails. Enjoy.

Shade of Doom

(Henry Matisse)

FO's Comment: I think the Shade of Doom in Drakkhen may have been based on the Henri Matisse art print, Icarus.

(Super Mario Bros. 2)

Sy Snoodles
(Return of the Jedi Special Edition)

FO's Comment: Sy Snoodles image lovingly swiped from Chefelf, because that was the only place that had the exact picture of Sy I was looking for.

Heat Miser
(The Year Without a Santa Claus)

(Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

FO's Comment: Not only do they look vaguely alike, but they also have a big song and dance scene!

Jonathan Morris
(Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin)

(Blaster Master: Blasting Again)

Submitted by CodieKitty, "Maybe not so much the face (although I wish I could find a better picture of Jonathan, and the different art styles might be affecting things), but they have the same hair. Plus, they're both living in the shadows of their dead fathers, and have some wild mood swings."

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

Ric Ocasek
(The Cars)

Richard Belzer

Submitted by Crawl.

FO's Comment: This makes up for that time Ric Ocasek said my site isn't funny.

(Albert Odyssey Gaiden)

Alien Cell
(Contra Hard Corps)

Submitted by CodieKitty.

FO's Comment: There are a lot of things that look like that, apparently...

Zero Mostel

Robbie Coltrane
(Actor/Hagrid from Harry Potter)

FO's Comment: I noticed that when I was watching the episode of The Muppet Show that Zero Mostel.

Port Saiid Forums


Submitted by MaskedSheik.

FO's Comment: Now there's something that was completely unintentional and I never would have noticed had it not been pointed out.

Big Mama
(The Muppet Show)

The Great Mighty Poo
(Conker's Bad Fur Day)

FO's Comment: A lot of times when Big Mama appears on The Muppet Show, you only see her head, and it reminded me a lot of the Great Mighty Poo, in shape, color, and the way it moves.

(The Muppet Show)

(Where the Wild Things Are)

FO's Comment: The Muppet Show is full of SAB material...

The Trumpet Lady
(The Muppet Show)


FO's Comment: For a long time, the unnamed Trumpet Lady in the Pit Orchestra was giving me a strong "Earthbound" vibe, although I couldn't quite remember what it was that she reminded me of... ...until I figured out it was Electra, the maid that wants the Yogurt Dispenser in Fourside. They both have the closed eyes with the heavy blue eyeshadow (very hard to see in this picture of the Trumpet Lady, but believe me it's there), the bright pink lips curled up in a smile, and the curly blonde hair. Even the outfits are a little similar.

Rufus Shinra
(Final Fantasy 7)

Michelin Man
(Michelin Tires)

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

FO's Comment: I'm very, very sorry about this one, but it had to be done.

(Klonoa Game Series)


Submitted by James FP.

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

(Beavis & Butt-head)


FO's Comment: This is a real stretch, but I think Butt-head's head is kind of shaped like a Quintesson. The Quint's "Death" face even has the overbite. From now on whenever I watch that scene from the Transformers movie where the Quint drops Hot Rod into the Sharkticon pit, I'm going to imagine him saying, "Huh huh huh huh...Hot Rod, you suck. Huh huh!"


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Submitted by Crawl.

FO's Comment: LOL!!

(Final Fantasy)

(Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Submitted by CB007, "I was watching the new Aqua Teen episode where Meatwad steals Shake's eyeballs and it reminded me a tiny bit of a FF1 enemy."

FO's Comment: That's awesome!

Chris Matthews

(Fire Emblem)

Submitted by MaskedSheik.

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

King Hippo
(Captain N)
Bald Bull
Atlena Troll

Submitted by SethraShnoo.

FO's Comment: If King Hippo got himself into better shape, that's basically what he'd look like, and then maybe he really would be ready to make a comeback.

Gerry Rafferty

Fleet Scribbler
(The Muppet Show)

FO's Comment: I am really, really sorry about that one, too.

John Lennon
(The Beatles)

Harry Potter
(The Sorcerer's Stone)

FO's Comment: I'm sorry about that one, too, but I think that picture of John Lennon looks like Harry Potter, especially Daniel Radcliffe in the first movie.



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