Switched at Birth? Strikes Back!

It's that time again! No, not time to make the donuts, time for another exciting round of - SWITCHED AT BIRTH?!!

Side note: I was recently asked, "Shouldn't this feature have been called "Separated at Birth?", not "Switched at Birth?" Well, yeah, it should have, but I accidentally called the first one "Switched at Birth?" and continued to copy the html template that way until I was several episodes into the thing and realized the mistake. Then I was too lazy to go back and change all the pages so I just ran with it.

(Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Judge Doom
(Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

FO's Comment: The ole villain in the black trenchcoat, fedora, and glasses getup. Works every time.

(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

(Sleeping Beauty)

FO's Comment: I had a Halloween costume one time that looked like Maleficent.

Kenny G
(Jazz Musician)

Sideshow Bob
(The Simpsons)

FO's Comment: Somehow, Sideshow Bob still manages to be less evil.

Kenny G

"Modern" Weird Al

Submitted by Codie Martin

FO's Comment: But only one is intentionally hilarious.

(Final Fantasy 6)

(Makai Kingdom)

Submitted by Codie Martin

FO's Comment: Wonder if there's a common point of reference...

Skeleton Statue

Japanese Statue

FO's Comment: I was looking up information on Tanukis (the real animal, not the big-balled fairytale creatures) and I noticed that this statue sitting in someone's Tanuki Garden is nearly-identical to this enemy from the Marahna Temple in ActRaiser, except for the head. That statue must be what the ActRaiser enemy is based on, but I don't know what it is.

Red Mage
(Final Fantasy)

Cloaked NPC
(Legend of the Ghost Lion)

FO's Comment: The little dude in the red hat and cape to the right of Maria in my Ghost Lion screenshot looks nearly-identical to the Red Mages from Final Fantasy, right down to the feather in the hat. Definitely seems like a rip-off to me.

Peter Venkman
(The Real Ghostbusters)

Conan O'Brien
(Late Night with Conan O'Brien)

FO's Comment: As my friend SethraShnoo said it, hair curls are going in opposite directions, but that's otherwise very uncanny...

(Arizona Law Toons)

Hank Hill
(King of the Hill)

Submitted by: CB007

FO's Comment: So, Hank was expelled from high school for phoning in a death threat? Who knew he was such a prankster?

Les Moore
(Funky Winkerbean)

Frank Grimes
(The Simpsons)

Submitted by Codie Martin.

FO's Comment: I think this means someone on The Simpsons is going to get cancer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
(The Terminator)

Albert Wesker
(Resident Evil)

Submitted by Nghtmarz2.

FO's Comment: We could probably devote an entire page to Arnold lookalikes the same as I did for the Alien.

(Mighty Max)

(Where is Carmen Sandiego?)

Submitted by Nghtmarz2, "I think Max is the guy only younger...like when you see Amanda Bynes in those old All That shows doing her own show"

FO's Comment: Yeah, Max is basically a younger Zack with a baseball cap.

(Mighty Max)

David Xanatos

Submitted by Nghtmarz2.

FO's Comment: Growing your beard slightly longer in the corners isn't fooling anyone, Frakes!

Carmen Sandiego
(Where is Carmen Sandiego?)

(Vampire Hunter D)

Submitted by Nghtmarz2.

FO's Comment: That is extremely uncanny.

Talon, Malon, & Ingo
(Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Mario, Peach, & Luigi
(Super Mario Bros.)

Submitted by Nghtmarz2, "Obviously intentional, but still you gotta laugh at the fact that NO ONE'S brought it up."

FO's Comment: It was mentioned in the Cameos Database. That section and this one tend to have some overlap.

Red Falcon
(Contra 3: The Alien Wars)

(Donnie Darko)

Submitted by Kairobi King.

FO's Comment: Wow! That's really weird! Almost makes you wonder if it was on purpose.

(Contra 3: The Alien Wars)
Sigma's Final Form
(Mega Man X6)
(The Terminator)

Submitted by Nghtmarz2.

FO's Comment: The Robo-Corpse is most likely based on the Terminator design. Again, we could fill a whole page with these.

(Maximum Carnage)

Red Falcon
(Contra 3: The Alien Wars)

Submitted by Nghtmarz2.

FO's Comment: Oh yeah, the giant villain head over the cityscape cliche. We could probably fill a whole page with those, too.

Alien Queen
(Contra 3: The Alien Wars)


Submitted by Nightmarz2

FO's Comment: Ha ha!

(Psycho Soldier)

Chun Li
(Street Fighter 2)

Submitted by Daniel Nagel, "I've never heard of the first game, but there are remarkable similarities between the main actress and Chun-Li. This gets especially interesting when you consider that SNK and Capcom used to be THE main 2D beat'em up producers ever."

FO's Comment: Holy Crap! Athena's head design in that picture is most definitely based on Saavik from the Star Trek movies:

No way it could be coincidence.

Vash the Stampede

(Suikoden 2)

Submitted by Kassandra Himutsu.

FO's Comment: Killey is Vash with a hat, basically.

(South Park)


Submitted by Andi Lobinger.

FO's Comment: Looks like an intentional reference to me.

(Rocket: Robot on Wheels)

(Sly Cooper)

Submitted by Chris Putnam.

FO's Comment: That's funny.

Helena Douglas
(Dead or Alive 2)

(Princess Maker 2)

Submitted by Sunatic.

FO's Comment: That's all for today, folks! Stayed tuned for more, same SAB time, same SAB channel.



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