Switched at Birth? Reader Compilation 2

Yet another round of SAB submissons found while going through old emails. Enjoy.

(Sonic the Hedgehog)

(Mega Man)

Submitted by Katokwe Grant.

FO's Comment: I've always thought the Sonic series had some strange similarities to the Mega Man series in general. Both have a small blue hero and a mad scientist villain who makes robots. So I don't find this too surprising.

Don Patch
(Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)


Submitted by Katokwe Grant.

FO's Comment: Research on Don Patch reveals that he seems to be an intentional parody of Ristar and Sonic the Hedgehog.

(Mega Man Zero)

(Digimon Frontier)

Submitted by Vlad Sporea, "I thought they both looked the same, but now that I put them one next to the other, they're pretty different..."

FO's Comment: LOL.

(Virtua Fighter)

Zero Suit Samus
(Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Submitted by Derek Johnson.

FO's Comment: Weird. Nearly identical.

Submitted by Joan Gomez, "I think the picture speaks for itself."

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.


Illidan Stormrage

Submitted by Vlad Sporea, "I know you may be thinking that they're both demon-like and it doesn't really count, but both of them sound almost alike and they've been called "the Betrayer" on numerous occasions, clearly the main inspiration for Illidan Stormrage is Goliath. And the Draenei from the World of Warcraft expansion look a little bit like some of the Gargoyles."

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

Evil Ryu
(Street Fighter)

Charlie Sheen

Submitted by Daniel Nagel, "It makes me wonder why Charlie never used his Hado-Ken during Platoon to kick some more Vietkong ass though."

FO's Comment: Maybe he was too traumatized by the Cheetahman baby.

Tripedacus #3
(Beast Wars)

ABC Warrior
(Judge Dredd)

Submitted by Daniel Nagel.

FO's Comment: The design of that ABC Warrior looks vaguely Transformers-inspired, like Generation 1 Megatron especially.

(Spongebob Squarepants)

(Finding Nemo)

Submitted by Daniel Nagel.

FO's Comment: Pink cartoon starfish...maybe they should hook up.

(Family Guy)


Submitted by Daniel Nagel, "Seems to be the same breed of dog."

FO's Comment: C'mon, now, certainly you don't think all beagles look alike?

Old Solid Snake
(Metal Gear Solid)

Dick Van Dyke

Submitted by AndrewTS.

FO's Comment: HA HA HA HA HA!

R. Mika
(Street Fighter)

(Powerpuff Girls)

Submitted by Mia-Mo.

FO's Comment: Heads? Maybe. Bodies? I think Bubbles is severely underdeveloped in that area by comparison...


(O-Parts Hunter/666 Satan)

Submitted by Nawulf, "Amaterasu is from the PS2 game ‘kami. Zero is from the manga "666 Satan" aka "O-Parts Hunter" by Seishi Kishimoto."

FO's Comment: Whoah...that's either intentional homage/rip-off, or common point-of-reference. I wonder if Link's wolf form in Twilight Princess could've also been inspired by the same source.

(Final Fantasy 6)

(O-Parts Hunter/666 Satan)

Submitted by Nawulf, "Both of the manga characters have a high possibility to be intentional copies of their game predecessors because Mr. Kishimoto seems to be a real hardcore video game player. His favourite game might be FF6 - or he has at least drawn fanart from it. Also the whole 666 Satan manga is full of references to other games."

FO's Comment: Guess that explains it. Belphegor could also be SAB with Goragora from The Magic of Scheherazade.



Submitted by Aline, "Everybody was thinking that Wockies looked way too much like Eevees (I even chose the most adequate color to show it)."

FO's Comment: Pretty good one.


Charmander & Charizard

Submitted by Aline, "Or that Shoyrus looked like a fusion between Charmanders, Charmeleons and Charizards, but without fire on their tails (adequate color again)."

FO's Comment: Not much to add.

Shadow Heartless
(Kingdom Hearts)


Submitted by Nghtmarz2.

FO's Comment: Might be one of the weirdest entries I've ever accepted, but I figured LOLcats would eventually find their way onto this site somehow or other.

(Link: The Faces of Evil)

Osama Bin Laden

Submitted by Peje Perredista.

FO's Comment: That's pretty good. Even the pose is reminiscent.

Joe Musashi

Storm Shadow
G.I. Joe

Submitted by Wael AL-Abri, "Now you know that Joe had started as an average ninja with just punching, kicking and ninja weapons but no magic, so with his white uniform he looks like Storm Shadow (his real name is Tommy Arashikage) from Cobra Organization, the ninja who became a baddie again because of the brainwashing in Marvel's storyline before continuing G.I. Joe Comics on Image, isnít this similar? I wonder if Sega got the idea of Joe's white outfit from Tommy/Stormy or is it a coincidence? Look at the similar details."

FO's Comment: Probably just coincidence since both ninjas and Sega originated from Japan.

(Virtua Fighter)


Submitted by Wael AL-Abri.

FO's Comment: Man, I would've thought "Silver Surfer", myself.



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