Oddities 35: Switched at Birth? Part 14

Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7

Naga the White Serpent from Slayers

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "Its one of those were the attire is the only real visual difference."

FO's Comment: Yeah. I think the point of this one is lost on no one. Moving on...

B.B. Hood from DarkStalkers

Angelica Pickles (Grown Up) from Rugrats

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "Well, at least this one makes a bit more sense."

FO's Comment: Pretty good one. It probably wouldn't work as well if the arms weren't in the same pose, but since they are, it works.

Rei "Sailor Mars" Hino
from Sailor Moon

Zeta Jones

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "Why do I get the sudden mental image of George Clooney in a tuxedo, mask and a top hat?"

FO's Comment: Eh...maybe. The red dress certainly helps.

Lita "Sailor Jupiter" from Sailor Moon

Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury/KoF

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "It's amazing on how these can happen, huh?"

FO's Comment: NOW we're getting somewhere! (And I still think Mai Shiranui was named after "My Sharona".)

Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat 4

Uncle Fester from The Addams Family

Submitted by Sotenga, "I've noticed this one for a while. The instant I saw Quan Chi, I thought, "Uncle Fester in a violent fighting game? Eh, why not?" He's one of the cooler characters in Deadly Alliance, IMO."

FO's Comment: Quan Chi also looks like Darth Vader after he takes off his helmet at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Red Alert from Transformers Armada


Submitted by Oxnard Hamster.

FO's Comment: The "eye" area is shaped slightly different, but it's amazing how much the rest of them look alike...

Kibito Kai from Dragon Ball Z

Legolas from Lord of the Rings

Submitted by Oxnard Hamster

FO's Comment: Well, now that's REALLY bizarre. If I didn't know Dragon Ball came before that movie did, I'd think Akira Toriyama was sniffing around for inspiration.

Viewtiful Joe

Proto Man

Submitted by Codie Martin, "Anybody wanna try to convince me Viewtiful Joe wasn't based on Protoman?"

FO's Comment: Not me.

Strange Logo from Out Zone

Dodge Ram Logo

Submitted by rockmanzallz, "Awhile back me and a few friends were playing this and noticed the enemies emblem on stage 2 resembled the Dodge Ram logo. If this was intentional or not, it's still neat none the less."

FO's Comment: Dodge Ram Charger is the only vehicle whose name is a complete sentence.

Graham Jones from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

That Guy from Excel Saga

Submitted by Monfriez, "Not only do they share the same taste in fashion, the big fight scene for these two share some noticeable similarities."

FO's Comment: Eh...the faces don't look anything alike to me, but I'll take your word on the "big fight scene".

Loki from Valkyrie Profile

Serge from Chrono Cross

Submitted by FeyerbrandX, "I think that Serge from CC looks quite a bit like Loki from Valkyrie Profile. Note the incredibly stupid headwear on both of them, and that both of them look about as tough as a little girl."

FO's Comment: Please note that the opinions of readers do not necessarily reflect my own.

Captain Gordon from Disgaea

Captain Kirk from Star Trek

Submitted by FeyerbrandX, "This fellow is Captain Gordon, Defennnnder of Earth! The picture doesn't quite look the same as it does in the game, which is a bit darker and smaller. But he looks a LOT more like Captain Kirk than even that picture sort of hints at. And yes, he acts just like a hybrid of Captain Kirk and Flash Gordon."

FO's Comment: Sounds like an intentional homage.

The Prism Ranger from Disgaea

The Red Ranger from Power Rangers

Submitted by FeyerbrandX.

FO's Comment: Yup. Definitely intentional.

Kurtis from Disgaea

Roam from the Legend of Zelda comics

Submitted by FeyerbrandX, "Last is probably a stretch, but Kurtis with his beak-like nose and long swept back hair looks like this guy from the old Nintendo Power Zelda comic, Roam."

FO's Comment: Wanna make a human character look like a bird? Give him swept-back hair and a pointy nose.



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