Oddities 16: Switched at Birth? Part 3

Switched at Birth has become so popular, I'm beginning to think it should get its own separate section. Here we go again!

Bill aka "Mad Dog" from Contra (left)

Arnold Schwarzenegger from Predator

FO's Comment: I'm starting off with a very well-known look-a-like. This one was mentioned in my Cameos section by Crawl and 1000, and thanks to Dire 51 for supplying the pictures.

Lance aka "Scorpion" from Contra (right)

Sylvester Stallone from Rambo

FO's Comment: And, of course, I couldn't have one without the other! Thanks to Unknown R for posting this pic of Rambo at The Third Moon.

Bink from R-Type

Magitek Armor from Final Fantasy 6

This one submitted by Crawl and 1000.

FO's Comment: Was Final Fantasy 6 inspired by R-Type? Look at the description of the Bink enemy: It provides transportation for soldiers. That was basically what the Magitek Armor did, too. These games even have similar power-up bars:

Brown Roly from Chrono Trigger

Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro

FO's Comment: And yet another Akira Toriyama-designed character look-a-like. Actually, this isn't the first time I've seen an anime/game character that resembled Hayao Miyazaki's beloved Totoro characters.

Rocket Jet Boss from Contra Force

Rocket Jet Boss From Metal Slug

FO's Comment: Again, thanks to Unknown R from The Third Moon for this one. These bosses do have a similar design.


The Hamster Dance Hamster

FO's Comment: Thanks, once again, to Crawl and 1000 for this (and to RandXian and DEATHAMSTER for originally posting these animated gifs on my board.) If you've been to HamsterDance.com (several years ago, before it was all changed), then you may be familiar with the dancing critter on the right. It's also a graphic quite commonly seen around the internet.

This Cat from Catz

Andy Rooney

FO's Comment: C'mon! Look hard enough...You know the resemblance is there!

Mendou from Urusei Yatsura

Tim Curry from The Worst Witch

FO's Comment: Thanks to James FP for this similarity...You know, normally, I don't think these two look that much alike, but in these pictures they do. Oh, and if you haven't read X-Entertainment's article about the Tim Curry Music Video, you absolutely must! It's one of the damn funniest things I've ever read!

Victor Belmont

Tim Curry from a Frankenstein game

More Tim Curry weirdness! This one was submitted by site reader Black Jack (Mike Waters). You may remember this "unknown" Belmont character from the first Switched at Birth Oddities feature. He was supposed to be the hero of Castlevania: Resurrection for Dreamcast, but the game was canceled. Before, we compared him to comedian Tom Green, but this site reader has a new perspective: "You have the unnamed Belmont from Castlevania:Resurrection with Tom Green next to him for comparison. I did not see much resemblance there, but I do see a strong resemblance to Tim Curry with a beard. The pic I have enclosed in this email is, ironically enough, a screenshot from a Frankenstein game that Tim apparently played in. I think this pic of Tim Curry bears a stronger resemblance to the unknown Belmont than the Tom Green pic."

FO's Comment: I also agree that Victor Belmont looks like Tim Curry, but I stand by the Tom Green comparison, too.

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7

Michael Score from A Flock of Seagulls

FO's Comment: Deathspork is the one who originally discovered this similarity, so he gets the credit for this! It was on one of his old websites (Porygonalpha's World of Nintendo), but that site is, unfortunately, no longer around.

Cloud Strife's hair

Zapdos from Pokemon

FO's Comment: This is another infamous comparison discovered by Deathspork!

Alex Kidd


This one was submitted by Crawl and 1000.

FO's Comment: Strange, but I never heard of Monchichis before this.

Victor Belmont

Dr. Doak from Goldeneye 007

FO's Comment: And yet more fun with Victor Belmont! This one courtesy of Facilitypro.

Victor Belmont

Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation

This one also submitted by Facilitypro.

FO's Comment: The Belmonts must have a large family tree...

Update: A number of site readers have told me this mystery Belmont's name was going to be "Victor Belmont". Thanks to all who submitted this information.



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