Switched at Birth? Drank My Milkshake

Manfred Von Karma
(Phoenix Wright Series)

(Castlevania Series)

Submitted by Mr. Dark.

FO's Comment: Probably intentional homage, knowing the Ace Attorney series.

Robin Williams
(August Rush)

(Legend of Zelda Series)

Submitted by Astrid (aka Lurkerbunny), "It's the red hair, I swear. (On a rather disturbing note, I saw a piece of fanart that had Ganon at a strip club, and his face was drawn just like Robin's. Actually, I think that's what inspired me to submit this.) (On another disturbing note, Robin actually named his daughter after the titular Zelda.)"

FO's Comment: I don't know what it is about certain SAB's that seem very unlikely, yet somehow eerily work anyway.

(My Pet Monster)

John Goodman

Submitted by Astrid (aka Lurkerbunny), "And speaking of Robin Williams, your comparison between him and My Pet Monster never fails to crack me up. I only feel it's fair to follow that up by pointing out that My Pet Monster's nemesis, Beastur, looks like John Goodman. Hollywood should keep that in mind when they cast the inevitable live action movie version."

FO's Comment: It also helps that John Goodman played a rather large hairy monster in Disney/Pixar's Monsters Inc.

Caeser Romero's Joker

Ronald McDonald

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "Wow, all I gotta say for today's entry is... why didn't anyone see this earlier?"

FO's Comment: It's not like Ronald is any less frightening and evil.

Max Galactica
(Phoenix Wright)

Jeffree Star

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "Not much to say on this one, except to say, I'm kinda surprised Star doesn't sport star marks."

FO's Comment: I'd never even heard of Jeffree Star before.

(The Wind Waker)

(The Lion King)

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "It's all in the warthoggy face and snout. Maybe the feet, too."

FO's Comment: Weird, just weird. That almost makes it hard to think of the Moblins as being evil. And why are some Moblins pigs and others bulldogs?

(The Wind Waker)

(Star Fox 64)

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "They're both disembodied heads with two hands, and they are defeated by shooting their hands and throwing bombs in their mouths."

FO's Comment: Gohdan appears to have been based on Bongo Bongo from Ocarina of Time, who in turn was based on Eyerock from Super Mario 64. Seems like every Nintendo game has to have a Bongo Bongo boss now...

Lloyd Irving
(Tales of Symphonia)

Vash the Stampede

Submitted by Thomas Trovato, "Different hair colour, similar coat/hairstyle. Love the SAB feature!"

FO's Comment: You must not be from StumbleUpon, then.

Ms. Lovett & Sweeney Todd

Harley Quinn & The Joker

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "I think Ms. Lovett and Sweeney Todd, and Harley Quinn and the Joker are similar, or behave rather similarly. Now, I want you to have a nice, deep thought about this one. Sweeney Todd's life was ruined, resulting in his partial deformity. Ms. Lovett falls in love with him, but all he wants is revenge, and wouldn't care two bits if she died. The Joker's life was ruined, resulting in his partial deformity. Harley Quinn falls in love with him, but all he wants is revenge, and wouldn't care two bits if she died. The resemblance is right there!"

FO's Comment: Nothing to add since I don't know much about the former pair.

(Sonic X)

(Venture Bros.)

Submitted by David Wilson.

FO's Comment: RAU Gallery followers, no points for mentioning H.E.L.P.E.R. looks like Torque & Flune, too.

Mia Fey
(Phoenix Wright)

Hinako Ninomiya
(Ranma 1/2)

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "One of the slightly more subtle differences is that the one on the right changes into a little girl, while the one on the left has possessed young girls and ended up looking like her. (It's a bit of a long story that would include some PW spoilers.)"

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

Chang Paifu
(Savage Reign)

Master Roshi
(Dragon Ball Z)

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "Aside from the cap this seems awfully intentional."

FO's Comment: My thoughts exactly.

(Magic of Scheherazade)

Jack Pumpkinhead
(Return to Oz)

Submitted by Mando Garza, "Aside from the cap this seems awfully intentional."

FO's Comment: Wait, there's more...

Gun Meca
(Magic of Scheherazade)

Tim Rose
(Return to Oz)

Submitted by Mando Garza, "Honestly, that was my first reaction as I saw Return to Oz. It has to be based on those guys!"

FO's Comment: Possibly. I still think Pukin is more likely to be based on Pinnochio and Gun Meca on C3PO, but who knows?

Misa Amane
(Death Note)

(Kingdom Hearts)

Submitted by Nghtmarz2, "It's really the hair and the black clothes that do it for me. >_>"

FO's Comment: Holy crap, that's funny!

(Street Fighter 2)


Submitted by Shaun Rambaran.

FO's Comment: That's pretty good, too.

Oldschool WWF Logo

Wonder Woman's Logo

Submitted by Nghtmarz2.

FO's Comment: You are fast becoming a master of this art, friend.

Rawk Hawk
(Paper Mario Series)

Flying Man

Submitted by Sunatic, "I don't recall seeing this in the SAB yet and it amazes me, as it's so obvious and both games should be pretty well-known. The first time I saw Rawk Hawk was in some fanart, and I was like "Hey, Flying Man! No, wait... who IS that?"

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

Rico Banderas

(Street Figher 2)

Submitted by Cem Budak, "I'm surprised no one noticed the resemblance between these two yet. I don't know if the character designer for Xenogears was a fan of Street Fighter or something, but Rico looks too much like Blanka for someone to actually not notice. They both have green skin, very muscular builds, a wild orange-red hairstyle and are considered mutants to some degree of the word." .

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

(Mortal Kombat)

Ghost Rider

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "Another can't-believe-no-one-noticed, I'm talking about Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series and Ghost Rider. Big flaming skulls. No more commentary."

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

(Bill & Ted's Excellent
Video Game Adventure)

Ringo Starr

Submitted by Robo Master Alpha, "I was reading your review of Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure, and I have to agree that Rufus doesn't look much like George Carlin. He looks like modern-day Ringo Starr!"

FO's Comment: Yeah, he definitely does look a lot more like Ringo Starr than George Carlin.

Peter Jacob
(Eternal Darkness)

Brendan Fraser

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "Browsing the old pages, I found that Peter Jacob from Eternal Darkness, aside from resembling Leonardo DiCaprio, held similiarities with Brendan Fraser. It's gotta be all in the front sideburns... maybe the jacket too. And well, the eyes."

FO's Comment: Too true. Nothing else to add.

(Spirited Away)

Dr. Robotnik
(Sonic the Hedgehog)

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "Pretty obvious one, can't lose time! See ya!"

FO's Comment: They're both big fans of Groucho Marx.

Woody Allen

(Metal Gear Solid)

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "Hair, glasses."

FO's Comment: Lol.

The Google Chrome Logo

The Simon Says Game, Simon

Submitted by Mr. Dark, "Circular, color-alternating design, with a round thing in the center... the GC symbol may have been inspired by the game, but in the end, who knows."

FO's Comment: I actually noticed that one on my own, but since you saved me the trouble of finding images, I'll still give you the credit.



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