Oddities 45: Switched at Birth? Part 24

Pete from Power Stone 2

SeeK from Psycho Le Cému

Submitted by Andy Thorley, "SeeK (the bass player in a Japanese band called Psycho Le Cému) has dressed up as Pete for one of the band's videos...not the best image in the world since it cuts off the backpack, but in the video he does look identical to Pete."

FO's Comment: Although these guys don't always look exactly like the game characters they cosplay as, I'm guessing it's because they do their own specific interpretations of the characters. Sort of like how nobody on Captain N ever looked exactly like their videogame counterparts.

Sektor and Cyrax from Mortal Kombat 3

Lida from Psycho Le Cému

Submitted by Andy Thorley, "Another lookalike from Psycho Le Cemu...this time the lead guitarist Lida. In one of the band's videos, he dressed up as Sektor/Cyrax/Robo-Smoke from the Mortal Kombat series. It's also worth noting that in the video, he thrust his chest forward and shot several missiles from it, just like the robot ninjas in MK."

FO's Comment: He looks like a cross between a Power Ranger and some kind of reptile, but what can you do?

Psycho Le Cemu as various Final Fantasy Characters

Edea from FF8

Submitted by Andy Thorley, "This is the last one from Psycho le Cemu (they're well known for their cosplaying, as you can see)...in this video, they all dressed up to resemble characters from various Final Fantasy games. Lida (back right) is Ifrit. Aya (bottom right) is Lenna/Reinna from FF5. Daishi (center) is a lancer from FF3. SeeK (bottom left) is the turtle boss from FF4j. Yura (top left) could be considered to be a white version of Edea (FF8) but this is too much of a stretch for me."

FO's Comment: Actually, Edea is the only one I recognized right away. Must be the unmistakeable fancy coat rack on her back. (Picture of Edea from Final Fantasy Compendium.)

Sir Kibble from Kirby's Adventure

??? from Mega Man 7

Submitted by Cold Phoenix.

FO's Comment: I don't know what the second character is.

Cacnea from Pokemon

Yellow Virus from Dr. Mario

Submitted by Alex Damage, "I just saw this one while playing Dr. Mario after a long while. That yellow virus looks a lot like Cacnea from Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby, moreso when the mouth is open on the yellow virus."

FO's Comment: Can't really think of much to add.

Dr. Robotnik

Theodore Roosevelt

Submitted by PenguinMan26.

FO's Comment: Yeah, I think that's been pointed out before.

Samus from Metroid Fusion


Submitted by Liontamer.

FO's Comment: Amazing coincidence, ain't it?


Jason from Blaster Master

Submitted by Facilitypro.

FO's Comment: This probably explains how that Gameboy Bomberman game got turned into Blaster Master Boy.

Toguro Ototo from Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Ivan Drago from Rocky IV

Submitted by LordDraco3, "They are both really giant buff dudes, and they have the same hairdo. Their personalities are also very simmilar in that they kill their opponent's friend to make them fight harder (or at least I guess that's what Drago was doing)."

FO's Comment: The image of Toguro's face in the background of that picture is what looks the most like Drago to me, which is odd because...

Toguro Ototo from Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator

Submitted by Shykid, "Toguro looks more like the Terminator if you ask me. The shades and the buffness remind me of Arnold Swa...never could spell his last name. All Toguro needs is one glowing red eye behind his shades."

FO's Comment: ...the image of Toguro in the front of the picture is what looks like Arnold...

Viewtiful Joe

The Red Power Ranger

Strong Bad

Submitted by BeamYosho.

FO's Comment: It'd be great if we could combine them all into the Viewtiful Strong Bad Ranger

Viera from Final Fantasy Tactics

Clan-Clan from Outlaw Star

Submitted by BeamYosho.

FO's Comment: It's like Clan-Clan just put on a different costume...

Pon & Con from Kirby 3

Tom Nook & Crazy Redd from Animal Crossing

Submited by BeamYosho, "In Kirby's Dream Land 3, you'll fight two main bosses at once. One is a Fox, named Con and the other is a Raccoon, Pon. In Animal Crossing, there's Tom Nook, a Raccoon and Crazy Redd, the Fox. Redd is actually known to be a 'Con' as he sells normal stuff (and sometimes rare) at REALLY high prices. I think he's named after Con, the Fox from KDL3. And oddly enough, they also look alike. Nook, however, owns a store, which is also a 'Pawn' shop. I think he's originated from 'Pon' the raccoon from KDL3 as well. Pon = sounds like Pawn."

FO's Comment: I think they're both based no the Tanooki (raccoon) and Kitsune (fox), Japanese mythological creatures.

Ironhide from Transformers


Submitted by Akira Tatsukani.

FO's Comment: LMAO!!

Sailor Moon
Tina Armstrong
R. Mika

Submitted by Pokejedservo.

FO's Comment: That's just too messed up for words.



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