Switched at Birth? Stole My Brand New Chevrolet

Here are more of these delightful wonders of similarity. Take a morning or afternoon break to be astounded (and to feel less bad about it if you ever draw a character and find out it looks like something else later).

Chaz Ashley
(Phantasy Star 4)

(Blaster Master)

Claude Kenni
(Star Ocean 2)

Marco Rossi
(Metal Slug)

Submitted by CodieKitty, "I bet Marco used to wear a red headband, then switched to white when it became cliche among blonde people."

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

Marco Rossi
(Metal Slug)
Tarma Roving
(Metal Slug)
Kyo Kusanagi
(King of Fighters)

Submitted by CodieKitty, "Kyo Kusanagi is basically Marco crossed with Tarma Roving (Marco and Tarma are essentially Metal Slug's Mario and Luigi), and if Kyo is an SNK character I almost have to wonder if that was intentional."

FO's Comment: Nothing to add. Kyo contributed by James FP.

Sootopolis Gym Leader Juan
(Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

Rudy Galindo
(American Figure Skating Champion)

Submitted by MaskedSheik.

FO's Comment: That one's really good!

Shadow & Chug
(Powerup Comics)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Submitted by Magical Yard Gnome.

FO's Comment: The Powerup Comics fad may have come and gone, but its attitude will last forever. (I just hope Lizeth Marry has nothing to do with it.)

Conan O'Brien


Submitted by CodieKitty.

FO's Comment: Good find!

Big Daddy
(Arc the Lad)
(Elemental Gimmick Gear)

Submitted by CodieKitty. Diekbeck contributed by Crawl.

FO's Comment: That's pretty good, too.


Metal Gear
(Metal Gear Series)

Submitted by Deathamster

FO's Comment: Green chicken-foot robots are great.

(StarTropics 2)

(Akumajo Dracula X)

Submitted by Deathamster.

FO's Comment: That's pretty cool. It's good to see some more oldschool game-related entries. Also of note, Zoda-Y appears in a castle in a Transylvania setting and takes on the form of a Pazuzu - just like Dracula's final form in Castlevania 3. This leads me to wonder if this is even coincidence or intentional Castlevania homage.

(Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

FO's Comment: This is how I noticed this one: I was on a forum where someone had this image for an avatar:

And I thought it was Krang and didn't get the "iWad" joke - until I realized it was actually Meatwad. Apparently, there's also some suspicion amongst fans that Meatwad's design is an intentional homage to Krang, especially considering that the show's title is a parody of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

Bulk (Right)
(Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers)

(Powerup Comics)

FO's Comment: Another one I noticed awhile ago. Leave it to me to remember Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers. Maybe Paul Schrier can play the role if they ever get a movie deal.

Chicago Logo

Cheers Logo

Submitted by Daryn Versetti, "Okay, this has driven me nuts for some time but I never really thought to submit it before and don't even know if it should count because it isn't characters, but..."

FO's Comment: We've had far weirder things than that in here.

(Final Fantasy 6)

(Alien Crush)

Submitted by CodieKitty.

FO's Comment: And there's an Alien chestburster in there, too.

Avenger Beak
(Dragon Warrior 3)

Falco Lombardi
(Star Fox)

Submitted by Magical Yard Gnome.

FO's Comment: Another great oldschool comparison.

The Man Who Can Solve Everything
(Random Hoo-Haas)


FO's Comment: Looks like he's solved the mystery of his long-lost separated twin, at least.

Silver the Hedgehog

A Marijuana Leaf

Submitted by Magical Yard Gnome, "Silver the Hedgehog demonstrates that Sonic Team is in fact on drugs."

FO's Comment: LOL.

The Muppet Show
Season 2 DVD Box

The Silence of the Lambs

Submitted by Crawl.

Isao Tomita's version of Holst's
"The Planets" Cover

Cabinet Art

Submitted by Magical Yard Gnome.

FO's Comment: Seems like intentional homage to me.

MaskedSheik adds that they also resemble MetaKnight's Halberd from Super Smash Bros.:

Dial Soap Dispensers

Battle Droid
(Star Wars)

Submitted by Crawl.

FO's Comment: I don't know about that one, but...


Battle Droid
(Star Wars)

FO's Comment: ...this one might be a little too vague for some, but I can't help but notice it.

Power Player
Ace Ebb

Shadow & Chug
(Powerup Comics)

Submitted by Crawl.

FO's Comment: The greatest thing about Ace Ebb - there was no indication from the letter that Nintendo Power published that he even knew his friends sent it in. Wouldn't it be funny if he didn't really exist?

Baby Animal
(Muppet Babies)

Ned Flanders
(The Simpsons)

FO's Comment: I know that there is a certain faction of people out there who will look at this entry and roll their eyes (I see you in my site tracker, I know who you are!) But this wasn't my fault. I was watching a clip from the Muppet Babies on YouTube and there was this one scene where Baby Animal walks in and I was hit with the highpowered unholy rays of a Ned Flanders SAB vibe. Here is a screencap of that part:

I don't know how to explain it. Something about the "mustache" and his large circular eyes. I'd even go so far as to say Baby Animal looks more like Ned Flanders than he looks like Animal from the original Muppet Show. Crawl also helped further this comparison by recoloring Baby Animal's mustache:



Teen Wolf
(80's Carton Intro)

(Star Wars)

FO's Comment: I have a hard time believing this one's coincidence as "Teen Wolf" looks nothing like a wolf and nothing like what he looks like in the rest of the show.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources icon looks like the Rotten Tomatoes icon.

Submitted by Crawl.


(God of War)

FO's Comment: More like "reminiscent" than an exact duplicate, but the red tattoos I think are what makes it work for me.

Dick Gumshoe
(Phoenix Wright)

Doom Marine

Submitted by CodieKitty.

FO's Comment: Might possibly be intentional homage, too, but what do I know? That wraps it up for this round. A lot of really good entries this time and a few interesting longshots, too. We have plenty more where that came from, too, so stay tuned...



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