Oddities 24: Switched at Birth? Part 7

Here we go, boys and girls, yet another round of "Switched at Birth?"!

Anji Mito from Guilty Gear X

Higsby from the
Mega Man NT Warrior show

Submitted by Codie Martin. Thanks go to TWEETER911 for the pictures.

FO's Comment: I wish I had a closeup of Anji's face because it's only the heads that really look similar.

Higsby (again)

Specs from Dominion Tank Police

FO's Comment: Thanks go to Morgannon for helping me figure out what other anime character it was that Higsby looked like.

Timon & Pumbaa

Ren & Stimpy

Submitted by ACC KAIN, he says, "You should do Timon & Pumbaa and Ren & Stimpy because the former were rip-offs of the latter, even down to the flatulence jokes."

FO's Comment: Not to mention the whole controversy over The Lion King being similar to Kimba the White Lion...

Little Brother from Mulan

Max from Sam & Max

Also submitted by ACC KAIN.

FO's Comment: Are all these Disney things coincidence or do they enjoy ripping people off?

Bang from Clash at Demonhead

Goku from Dragonball Z

Also submitted by ACC KAIN.

FO's Comment: As Magical Yard Gnome once said, Dragon Ball influenced the look of a LOT of NES games.

Bang from Clash at Demonhead

Keith from Voltron

FO's Comment: I also think that Bang looks like Keith from Voltron...

Ryu from Breath of Fire

Mega Man in Mega Man 4

FO's Comment: I've often wondered if Capcom meant Ryu to be a Mega Man homage?

Thraxx from Secret of Evermore

Waspinator from Beast Wars

FO's Comment: The green Thraxx boss that appears later in the game probably looks even more like Waspy, but I was too lazy to play through the game and get a screenshot of that one.

CJ from Skate or Die 2

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Submitted by SethraShnoo.

FO's Comment: Finally! Somebody rips Disney off instead of vice-versa.

Ditto from Pokemon

Peach from Finding Nemo

FO's Comment: Okay, this one scares me. That picture of Peach is the only one I can find, and it's not that good, but if you see Finding Nemo, just pay attention to how much Peach looks like a Ditto.

Solomon Grundy from Superfriends

The Incredible Hulk

Submitted by Gavin Y. Some commentary on this one from Codie Martin: "In the newest SAB, you had the Hulk with a gray guy whose name I've forgotten. What's interesting is the Hulk was originally gray, but was turned green by a printing error. There's a code for the Hulk video game (the new one) that lets you play as the gray Hulk. A code was shown on a monitor before Bruce turns into the Hulk for the first time in the movie. Punch that code into any console in the game to play as the gray Hulk."

FO's Comment: I don't think I can add anything more to this one.

Max from MDK2

Snoopy from Peanuts

Submitted by Minerva K Red.

FO's Comment: Maybe if Snoopy had an extra pair of arms like Max does, he would have fared better against the Red Baron.

Now here is, quite possibly, the funniest "Switched at Birth" entry I have ever seen. This was submitted by Gavin Y, but I found a slightly better picture than the one he actually sent me. Normally, I would not accept any entries that do not include at least one videogame or cartoon character, but for this I made an exception. The picture is large, so I'm just posting a link:

President George W. Bush vs. Chimpanzees



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