Oddities 41: Switched at Birth? Part 20

Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon

Hsien-Ko from DarkStalkers

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "It has subtlety."

FO's Comment: Hmmm...Aside from a minor similarity in the hairstyles, I don't really see it, myself. Maybe it's too subtle for me.

Kyosuke Kagami from Rival Schools

Elton John

Submitted by Sotenga, "Kinda makes me wonder what Kyosuke thinks about all the time in class..."

FO's Comment: Maybe he's thinking about the Circle of Life.

Mr. Saturn from EarthBound


Submitted by Kairobi King.

FO's Comment: For more information on Kilroy, visit this website.

Milon from Milon's Secret Castle

Mario from Super Mario Bros.

Submitted by ErniePants, "The graphic style of Milon's Secret Castle is a shameless rip off of Super Mario Bros. Same light blue skies and brick castles. Milon even looks like Mario and has the exact same walking/running animation, and the game's text is in the same font. The gameplay is different, though."

FO's Comment: If you think Milon's Secret Castle is a shameless SMB rip-off, you should see Mystery Quest.

Naraku from Inu-Yasha

Umaro from Final Fantasy 6

Submitted by LordDraco3

FO's Comment: Funky!

Alexandra Roivas from Eternal Darkness

Sarah from Virtua Fighter 2

Submitted by Codie Martin.

FO's Comment: If Sarah ever ends up fighting a skeletal lich in a centurion costume, we'll know why.

Peter Jacob from Eternal Darkness

Leonardo DiCaprio

Submitted by Codie Martin.

FO's Comment: This explains that deleted scene in Eternal Darkness where Peter Jacob defeats the Black Guardian and screams, "I'm king of the Woooooooooooooooorrrrrlllllld!!!"

Remy from Street Fighter

Ash Crimson from King of Fighters

Submitted by Sotenga, "If you've played both SF3: Third Strike and King of Fighters 2003, you'll realize the similarities almost immediately."

FO's Comment: They don't really look that much alike to me, so maybe I'd have to play those games to get it...

Maximillian Roivas from Eternal Darkness

Drachma from Skies of Arcadia

Submitted by Codie Martin, "This is a bit of a longshot."

FO's Comment: I don't think it's that much of a longshot aside from Max not having a mechanical arm or an eyepatch. The whole time I was playing Skies of Arcadia, I kept wanting to call Drachma, "Max", due to how similar they looked, especially in the games.

Metagross from Pokemon

Ulyaoth Black Guardian from Eternal Darkness

Submitted by Codie Martin, "While I was playing Pokemon Colosseum, I realized Metagross looks like the Ulyaoth Black Guardian (but only in 3D)."

FO's Comment: I couldn't find a 3D screenshot of Metagross, but I can still sort of see it...The Ulyaoth Black Guardian also looks unmistakably like a Tripod from The War of the Worlds.

Jet Link from Cyborg 009

Megido from Silhouette Mirage

Submited by Codie Martin.

FO's Comment: *sigh* Another guy with a pointy nose and swept-back hair. This is getting almost as ridiculous as the number of Chris Thorndyke and Adol Christen clones.

Clive Winslett from Wild Arms 3

Charlie Nash from Street Fighter Alpha

Submitted by Reiyu Onin.

FO's Comment: Eh. Maybe.

Lee Rekka from The Last Blade

Jet Li as Wong Fei Hong

Submitted by Ultimate Chicken, "Lee is obviously a tribute to Jet Li here, who potrayed Chinese legendary figure Wong Fei Hong in the movie 'Once Upon a Time in China'. Same hairdo, same high forehead, similar attire, similar facial features. And, of course, similar signature gestures and maneuvers (the trademark fan, and the 'Shadowless Kick' special maneuver). Hmm..."

FO's Comment: Cool. With Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan getting paid so many tributes in various videogames, it's about time someone honored Jet Li. And speaking of which...

Hon Fu from Fatal Fury

Jackie Chan

Submitted by Ultimate Chicken, "Like Jackie Chan in some of his movies (eg. Police Story series, Rush Hour), Hon Fu is also of the 'bumbling cop/detective that knows kung fu' archetype. In looks, the hairstyle and the basic facial features have many similarities. It's almost as if Hon Fu COULD be how Jackie looked like in his younger days."

FO's Comment: Not "could". He really does look like him.

Kim Kap Hwan from King of Fighters

Kim Sue-Il from Kizuna Encounter

Submitted by Ultimate Chicken, "Yet more proof, perhaps, that SNK loves to reuse characters. Sue-Il IS Kaphwan, down to the special maneuvers and supermove, just with a different personality and attire. (Note: Official SNK sources say that Sue-Il is Kaphwan's brother. Way to cover this hole up, SNK.)"

FO's Comment: At least they tried.

Kyoko from Rival Schools

Professor Ivy from Pokemon

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "It's another one of those 'Many differences, yet many similarities' type of SAB's."

FO's Comment: That one gets a "meh" from me, but it's acceptable enough to keep.

Arnold from Hey Arnold!

Nigel Uno from Codename Kids Next Door

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "It's all in the football head."

FO's Comment: I just hope the "football head" trend doesn't continue beyond this. It's okay once or twice, but it starts to look like some kind of birth defect amongst cartoon characters after awhile.

Stinky Peterson from Hey Arnold!

Ryan Stiles from Whose Line is it Anyway?

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "They are both tall, skinny with short brown hair and awfully big noses."

FO's Comment: That's a good one!



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