Oddities 43: Switched at Birth? Part 22

The Final Boss of Sword Master

Red Falcon from Super C

Submitted by Brigade Delbrack.

FO's Comment: Another thing about the Sword Master boss - That picture is from the opening cinema scene. But when you fight him in the actual final battle, he looks a lot like the final boss of ActRaiser 2. The way you have to attack him is similar, too.

Ark from CIMA: The Enemy

Raven from Fire Emblem

Submitted by Codie Martin.

FO's Comment: And I still say they all look like Adol Christen from Ys.

Orusoh from Metal Combat

Bono from U2

FO's Comment: Why do I get the feeling this one's not coincidence?

Agahnim from A Link to the Past

Orko from He-Man

FO's Comment: Doesn't it look like Agahnim could be Orko's older brother?

Kyra Tierney from Phantasy Star IV

Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon

Submitted by Devin de Gruyl.

FO's Comment: Holy crap, they DO look alike!

Hotaru Tomoe from Sailor Moon

Lydiz Deetz from Beetlejuice

Submitted by Devil de Gruyl.

FO's Comment: They both have the "goth" thing goin' on.

Kat & Ana from Wario Ware Inc.

The Powerpuff Girls

Submitted by Deven711, "Kat and Ana sort of look like the Powerpuff Girls. They have 1 or 2 ponytails and they have stripes in the middle of their shirts. Don't tell me that the guys at Nintendo actually like the Powerpuff Girls!"

FO's Comment: Hard to say if it's coincidence. Ana's hair looks like the bow on the leader.

Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho

Shinji from Neo Super Dodge Ball

Submitted by Will B., "This is one that I've had in mind for a long time, but I wasn't able to find suitable pictures until now. Long story short, the first time I saw Yu Yu Hakusho, the character designs in the early part of the series reminded me heavily of the Nekketsu Kouha Kuniokun (River City Ransom, Super Dodge Ball, etc.) video game series. In particular, Kuwabara makes me think of a goofier, red-haired Riki. "

FO's Comment: I thought he looked a lot more like Shinji than Riki. Picture of Shinji from RCHS Class Reunion.

Johnny-5 from Short Circuit


Submitted by Deven711, "They both have the same heads. And something with wheels at the bottom. Strange!"

FO's Comment: R.O.B.'s head scares me.


Saddam Hussein

Submitted by Deven711, "Well, they both have mustaches. But they're on different sides. Kinda strange. But that's not all..."

Grassland King from SMB3

Osama Bin Laden

Submited by Deven711, "This is just freaky. The King of Grassland is turned into a dog, mankind's best friend, by Larry Koopa and Mario, who looks like Saddam Hussein, has to change him back by infiltrating Larry's airship (which is also kind of a warship, too). After defeating Larry, Mario changes the king back. There could be a connection to SMB3 and "The War on Terrorism" somehow. It's really strange."

FO's Comment: Strange, indeed.

Weedle from Pokemon

Wiggler from Super Mario World

Submitted by Deven711, "Their names both begin with "W", they have big noses, and they both "look" friendly, but start attacking once you attack them. Strange."

FO's Comment: Don't really have anything to add.

Chip from Chip's Challenge

Bill Gates

Submitted by A H, "This one may be a bit obscure. The character Chip is the protagonist from the game Chip's Challenge, originally published for the Atari Lynx. Well, Microsoft has owned the rights to the game for a while, and the game was released with Windows Entertainment Pack 4. At some point in time I noticed that Chip's haircut resembled Bill Gates's. Now that I think about it, I doubt it's coincidence. The image displayed when you've finally beaten the game is a portrait if I've ever seen one. Of course, it was only after I beat the game that I was able to see said picture, and it's a long game, so for years I was only given the 32x32 tile (also included) to conjecture by. The tile looks just enough not like Gates to leave a person wondering, but it is about as close as you can get at such a low resolution with 16 colors."

FO's Comment: If Microsoft owns the rights to the game, then it's probably not coincidence.

Hotspot from Transformers

Shredder from TMNT

Submitted by Helder.

FO's Comment: Ha ha!

Vice from King of Fighters

Morgan Webb from X-Play

Submitted by PenguinMan26.

FO's Comment: Nothing to add.

Wang Tang from Power Stone

Goku from Dragon Ball Z

Submitted by PenguinMan26, "Wang Tang's powered-up form is also a blatant rip-off of a Super Saiyan."

FO's Comment: Wang Tang picture from: Power Stone Depot.

Johnny from Dance Dance Revolution

Johnny Bravo

Submitted by PenguinMan26.

FO's Comment: Johnnys in stereo!



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