Oddities 23: Switched at Birth? Part 6

Although I was thoroughly traumatized by the 4th installment of "Switched at Birth", I've received a large number of fan submissions since then. Here is the first "Switched at Birth" feature to be entirely composed of fan submissions.

Alexander from Final Fantasy 6

Boreas from Golden Sun

Submitted by Jason Krietsch. He says, "I think that Boreas from Golden Sun looks a lot like the FFVI version of Alexander."

FO's Comment: I never could figure out what Alexander was even supposed to be. He looks like a giant armored knight with a city on its back.

Setzer from Final Fantasy 6

Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This one submitted by Bogus666.

FO's Comment: All I have to say is...What the hell?

Nova from Power Blade

Duke Nukem

The Bad Dudes Guy

Arnold Schwarzenegger

FO's Comment: Well, I had a Switched at Birth Triangle before with Kid Icarus, Little Mac, and Howard Phillips. I guess you'd call this one a...I don't know, a SAB Rectangle or Square or something. Thanks to Codie Martin, Red Clawbot, and Pero the Cat for these.

Chaz Ashley from Phantasy Star 4

Roddy from Blaster Master: Blasting Again

Submitted by Codie Martin, "Roddy and Chaz even act alike. They're both moody, somewhat self-doubting, and emotional as lost puppies".

Added by Codie Martin 07/18/06, "I snagged a Japanese copy of Phantasy Star IV off eBay, and while browsing the manual found out Chaz's Japanese name is "Rudy". Another thing is they both have this older female they look up to (although Alys has no family relation to Chaz), both of which I wanted to punch repeatedly."

FO's Comment: And they apparently shop at the same clothing store and get their haircuts at the same barber, too.

Crono and Marle from Chrono Trigger

Randi and Purim from Secret of Mana

Submitted by Agisuro.

FO's Comment: And yet more Akira Toriyama madness! Strange because he didn't do the artwork for Secret of Mana, only Chrono Trigger.

Vlag from Albert Odyssey

Dracula's 2nd form from Castlevania 3

Submitted by Devlin "Vampyrus" Domaine.

FO's Comment: Umm...is this coincidence? Think about it. Dracula was based on Vlad the Impaler. Vlag has only a one-letter difference from Vlad. Hmmm...

Cid from Final Fantasy 8

Elton John

Submitted by Bogus666.

FO's Comment: Must be that "Circle of Life" thing. Or else Square just likes basing their characters on famous singers. We also had Irvine from FF8 who looks like Michael Jackson, and Setzer from FF6 who looks like David Bowie.

Blue Lander from The Guardian Legend

Lolo from The Adventures of Lolo

Submitted by Red Clawbot.

FO's Comment: Now why didn't we see this one sooner?

Killey from Suikoden 2
Vincent from Final Fantasy 7

This one was submitted by LEGOairship.

FO's Comment: Now that I have better pictures, the resemblance seems a little stronger, but I still don't know if I really agree with it.

Midget from Breath of Fire

Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Submitted by Sedgewick.

FO's Comment: LOL @ this one!

The Yar from Yars Revenge


FO's Comment: I was using that Yars picture for a message board avatar and Magnus Crowe said that he thought it looked like Mothra. Maybe. Sorta.

Umaro from Final Fantasy 6

Ron Perlman from Beauty & the Beast

FO's Comment: Troy Demetrius told me that he'd seen a picture of Umaro that looked like Ron Perlman in his Beauty & the Beast get-up. I think this is the correct picture.

The next one requires a bit of an explanation. I was browsing the Portal of Evil news page one day when I came across this article about newly-discovered ocean life. Some people on the forum pointed out that this newly-discovered fish (called the Fangtooth) looks a lot like a boss from Darius Gaiden:

The Fangtooth

Darius Gaiden Boss

FO's Comment: I've heard of life imitating art, but this is ridiculous! And others say it looks like a Transformers Sharkticon:

The Fangtooth

Sharkticon from The Transformers

FO's Comment: Thanks to forum users Hrmmm and fullofkittens for these pictures.



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