Son of Switched at Birth?

I will now present some of the most frightening and disturbing SAB matchups known to mankind. Enjoy.

Lagoon Castle
(Lagoon - SNES Boxart)

The Ikari Warriors Corpse
(Ikari Warriors - NES)

FO's Comment: Although a number of these stupid things could be in the running for title of "Weirdest SAB Ever", this one would definitely be in the top portion of nominees. I've always thought the Lagoon boxart was pretty damn cool, but now thanks to this I'm never going to be able to look at it the same way again.

(Super Mario RPG)

(The Muppets)

FO's Comment: Although Booster is a bit more articulate, they pretty much have the same personality, too.

Prince Meyer
(Deadly Towers)

The Hero
(Dragon Warrior 2)

Submitted by Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: No points for mentioning that they also kind of look like Kain from Final Fantasy 4.

Cousin It
(The Addams Family)

Captain Caveman
(Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels)

Submitted by Agisuro

FO's Comment: WTF was up with that cartoon, anyway?

(Masters of the Universe - Movie)

(Fantastic Four - Marvel Comics)

FO's Comment: Noticed this one after reading an article at Codie Martin's site.

Kaede Smith

(Guilty Gear Isuka)

FO's Comment: Check this one out! Both have a white outfit splattered in red blood. Both have bandaged arms. Both have short reddish-colored hair.

Rockin' Kats
(Sky Captain Level)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
(Sky Chase Zone)

FO's Comment: What to make of this one, considering that both games came out around the same time?

Rockin' Kats: Little orange animal piloting a red biplane under a giant airship. Larger blue animal stands on top and fights enemies. You cannot fall off the plane.

Sonic 2: Little orange animal piloting a red biplane under a giant airship. Larger blue animal stands on top and fights enemies. You cannot fall off the plane.

The Burger King
(Burger King TV Commercials)

(Wizards & Warriors 3 - NES)

FO's Comment: From the moment I first laid eyes on that creepy Burger King, I just knew this was going to happen someday...I personally feel that game's ending is a prophetic warning of our impending doom.

The Fronks
(Wario Ware)

The Atacama Giant
(Chilean Ground Drawing)

Submitted by: Richard Pilbeam, "Here's an SAB that I've noticed: The "Fronks" (little yellow guys) from Wario Ware look amazingly like the Atacama Giant, a large figure drawn on the ground in Chile."

FO's Comment: Neat. Nazca ground drawings were used in Tetris 2, so I wonder if it's even coincidence.


Dracula's Final Form
(Castlevania: Bloodlines)


Submitted by Will Keaton, "And now a collection of evil dudes with an additional head and/or mouth thrown in for extra evilness. The only problem is the second head/mouth is located in... a rather, unusual location. I would like to take this opportunity to state that Zork is the silliest name for a god of evil that I have ever heard."

FO's Comment: That's even more disturbing than the eagle look and the dog-ears combined. Valvoga from Makai Kingdom was also submitted, but I couldn't get him to fit in the lineup on 800 x 600 resolution, so here it is:

(Makai Kingdom)

Big Boss
(Metal Gear Solid)

Slade Wilson
(Teen Titans)

Submitted by Will Keaton, "Besides being well-known and incredibly dangerous soldiers/mercenaries who are very difficult, though not impossible, to kill; both men also lost their right eye to a gunshot wound inflicted upon them by either their best friend (Big Boss) or their wife (Slade). Because nothing says "I love you" like firing a bullet into the eye socket of someone you care about. "

(Shaq Fu - SNES/Genesis)

(Spider-Man - Marvel Comics)

Submitted by Will Keaton, "Beast here heralds from the incredibly ridiculous and poorly conceived video game Shaq-fu, wherin you take control of basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal and break out rad martial arts skillz in an attempt to rescue a small child who happens to be the grandson of an old man who runs a small interdimensional convenience store/kung-fu dojo, while simultaneously preventing an evil mummy-sorcerer from taking over the world and consequentially make you late for the All-Stars game that is scheduled to take place that afternoon. I tried, but I can't think of anything that Carnage has done that even comes close to being that ridiculous. That includes the time his symbiote bonded to the Silver Surfer and called himself "Cosmic Carnage" as well as the time Kasady covered himself in red and black paint and went on a killing spree while completley naked."

FO's Comment: You know, that sounds suspiciously similar to what my life was like in the '80s.

Shaa gi
(Star Wars: Clone Wars)


Submitted by Will Keaton, "Jedi Padawan Shaa gi was based off Shaggy from the popular Scooby-Doo. Besides the names, the virtually identical appearance and the famous "stoner eyes," both are also known to panic any time they find themselves in a tense situation. In fact Shaa gi got killed precisely because he panicked and started freaking out like he was in a Scooby-Doo cartoon. What have we learned from this? Never train Hanna-Barbera characters in the ways of the Force."

FO's Comment: I didn't pick up on the Shaggy reference when I saw that scene, but I did notice it was amazingly similar to a scene from the Disney movie, Bambi, wherein a group of pheasants are hiding from "Man" in the thicket, and one of them freaks out, tries to fly away, and gets killed.

(Advance Wars)
(Paper Mario 2)
(F-Zero GX)

Submitted by Will Keaton, "Because the only thing more terrifying than wearing M. Bison's hat and a respirator, is showing your exposed brain while wearing a respirator."

FO's Comment: Deathborn also looks like he was somewhat-based on Spawn.

(Legend of Zelda - Series)

Dark Matter
(Kirby - Series)

Will Keaton, "I think the guys at Nintendo are getting lazy in the character design department. "

FO's Comment: I would've thought Vaati was Dark Matter if no one said what it was. But maybe it's meant as a cameo/reference.

Submitted by Lefty, "A bit far-afield of videogames, but it amuses me, anyway (not that THAT's a difficult feat)."

FO's Comment: Hey! And their names rhyme!

Mai Shiranui
(King of Fighters/Fatal Fury)

Seung Mina
(Soul Calibur 2 & 3)

Submitted by Sidah, "I just had a good giggle with my roommate over the "twins" of anime, games and other fun stuff like that on your site. However, scrolling through I noticed a character and before reading the caption I yelled out, "Its Seung Mina!" Then I realized it wasn't. So I dug up an image of Seung Mina from Soul Caliber 2 and 3. Side by side, her and Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury/KoF look terribly similar. Especially with those high cut little flaps of fabric they call dresses."

FO's Comment: Don't let go of your seats yet, there's more fun with Mai Shiranui coming up...

(Fire Emblem 7)

Mai Shiranui
(King of Fighters/Fatal Fury)

Submitted by Sandwiches, "I was poring through the many Switched at Birth archives and noticed that Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury looks strikingly similar to Lyn from Fire Emblem 7."

FO's Comment: Everybody wants to be Mai Shiranui.

The Riddler
(The Batman)

Marilyn Manson

Submitted by Will Keaton, "The Riddler from The Batman was actually based off Marilyn Manson so this isn't the coincidence it appears to be, just another example of the cartoon characters copying the people in the real world."

FO's Comment: Wish I could come up with some funny commentary for this, but I've been stumped.



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