Switched at Birth? Mark 2

You know, I think I'm cursed with a natural eye for this sort of thing. I no sooner put together one of these pages thinking it would be the last one for a very, very long time, and I immediately find like three more without even trying. So here we go again!

(One Piece)

Cid Highwind
(Kingdom Hearts)

FO's Comment: So one night I'm playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on my Nintendo DS. The next day I get into a discussion of One Piece and someone mentions Zolo. I image search Zolo and bingo...immediately I recognize that he looks remarkably similar to the version of Cid Highwind I saw in that game. See what I mean about being born with an eye for this sort of thing?


Pero (Puss n Boots)

FO's Comment: I was image searching some cartoon cat character awhile ago. It wasn't Doraemon, but he's one of the things that came up in the search. Again, almost immediately I realized that he reminded me of a certain other smiley feline character from the country of Japan. (This was also shown on the RAU Gallery SAB page, but I wanted to put it here anyway because it's game-related.)

Flash Gordon

Super Joe (Commando)

Submitted by Codie Martin

FO's Comment: Gosh damn, that's a good one. I hate to make accusations, but it certainly looks like Capcom got lazy about hiring artists and just pulled a photoshop.

(Dragon Quest 8)

(Devil May Cry)

Submitted by Codie Martin, "Even weirder, 'Nelo Angelo' is a DMC character."

FO's Comment: I'm suspicious that one's not coincidence, either. Not only the name issue, but even the clothes have the same buckle-straps across the front.

Jet Link
(Cyborg 009)

(Violinist of Hameln)

Soldat J 002
(GaoGaiGar FINAL)

Submitted by Countess Rae

FO's Comment: WTF is up with this?? Why are so many anime artists obsessed with that "eagle" look?

(Yu Yu Hakusho)

(Beavis & Butthead)

Submitted by Yoshi of America

FO's Comment: Funny!

Submitted by Ultimate Chicken, "Before The King of Fighters 1999, there was this obscure game called Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels (Psikyo, circa 1998, a fighting game that plays like a cross between Tekken (in that there aren't any flash-bang specials) and KOF (in that there are still DMs, SDMs, pow.charges, CD attacks et al)). It was released incomplete due to time and budget constraints (that, and Psikyo wanted to do more Top Down Shooters. >_>), and never really did see publicity outside of Japan. Methinks the team got disenchanted after that, and went to work for SNK instead, since there's clearly hints of design reuse."

Harry Ness
(Daraku Tenshi)

(King of Fighters)

"Although Maxima really is based on the protagonist of Robo Army, you can't help but wonder if Max is just Ness after a protein/weight lifting regimen. They both have distinct mullets, penchants for thick, leather full-arm jackets, and a cannon on their left hand."

Haiji Mibu
(Daraku Tenshi)

Yashiro Nanakase
(King of Fighters)

Ultimate Chicken, "My guess is that the Daraku team were already influenced by SNK since the beginning, or they simply ran outta time to complete Haiji's design - Haiji never wielded a gun in the game (Yashiro debuted in KOF'97, a year before Daraku was released). Although Haiji has a different stance, his sprite is literally just a recoloured Yashiro. Not to mention their techniques are similar, too. On a side note: Yashiro's Orochi Incarnate form would gain a "secret" desperation move based on Haiji's unblockable dash punch special in KOF2002; fair price to pay for a wholesale rip on Psikyo's side, I'd say, if we take the next one into consideration as well..."

Haiji Mibu
(Daraku Tenshi)
(Daraku Tenshi)

(King of Fighters)

Ultimate Chicken, "Behead both Haiji and Cool, and stitch Haiji's head on Cool's body. Throw the excess parts away. K' also has Haiji's Raybans (tm - which he takes off during his intro and throws at an opponent during his supermove) and has inherited his combative personality."

FO's Comment: Interesting stuff. I wonder if the two games share any of the same design team? Maybe they didn't want their designs wasted on a game that was so unknown.


Renee Roberts
(Mew Mew Power)

Submitted by Shebakoby, "Both got the doggy ear thang goin on."

FO's Comment: I hope that doesn't become as big a fad as the eagle thing...

Mr. Pringle


Submitted by cuttersDCut

FO's Comment: I remembered this being submitted on the forums before the hacker attacks wiped out the posts.

Shaft (Dracula X)

Pope John Paul II

Submitted by Adam Jackson, "I recently played Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, and to my surprise, the dark priest Shaft looks a lot like a dark version of the former pope."

FO's Comment: Surprising, indeed.

Cervantes de Leon
(Soul Calibur)

Revolver Ocelot
(Metal Gear Solid)

Submitted by Wil Keaton, "An undead, demonic sword-possessed, soul eating, 17th century pirate and a triple crossing, two-armed then one-armed then two armed again, secret agent cowboy wanna-be. Who'd of thought they would look exactly the same?"

FO's Comment: Certainly not me.

(Final Fantasy 6)

Tao Pai Pai
(Dragon Ball)

Submitted by Wil Keaton, "Cyan, the noble knight from FF6 bears a striking resemblance to the infamous assassin Tao Pai Pai, the first person to hand Goku's ass to him on a silver platter."

FO's Comment: That's a major WTF? I think Dragon Ball did influence the style of a lot of 8 and 16-bit videogame art.

(Advance Wars)

Darth Vader
(Star Wars)

Submitted by Wil Keaton, "Sturm (Advance Wars) and Vader Sturm from the Advance Wars series looks an awful lot like Darth Vader, but we're not done yet..."

Von Bolt
(Advance Wars)

Darth Vader
(Star Wars)

Wil Keaton, "Von Bolt (Advance Wars) and Ugly Vader Von Bolt, also from Advance Wars, looks even more like Vader without his mask on!"

FO's Comment: Considering both have "Wars" in their titles, I wouldn't be surprised if the former are intentional parodies of the latter. Also, Sturm looks like what you'd get if you crossed Darth Vader with M. Bison.

Dr. Wily
(Mega Man)

Dr. Nanba

Submitted by Wil Keaton, "Dr. Wily and Dr. Nanba, two evil scientists with the same hair style, the same bald spot, the same fashionable lab coat and tie combo and the same evil mustache. Both also suffer from exploding laboratory syndrome. (Their labs get blown up all the time.)"

FO's Comment: Which leaves me to wonder...If you have an "evil mustache" are you pretty much fated to be a villain?


(Lament of Innocence)

Submitted by Wil Keaton, "I think that this Gargoyle from Castlevania Lament of Innocence looks like Ridley from the Metroid series."

FO's Comment: Yeah, it does. It especially looks like the 3D version of Ridley found in Metroid Prime.

Crimson Chin
(The Fairly Odd Parents)

The Tick

Submitted by Wil Keaton, "Not game related but these two muscle-bound, chintastic superheores were just asking for it. For those of you who aren't sure the Crimson Chin is the red guy, not the buck-toothed kid in the pink hat."

FO's Comment: Crimson Chin is actually based on Jay Leno, who also provides his voice.

(Soul Calibur)

Unnamed Character
(Teen Titans)

Submitted by Wil Keatin, "'The End' part three features an imposing looking character who, though never named, shall forever be known as Astaroth due to the clearly intentional resemblance to the Soul Calibur character."

FO's Comment: I guess the executioner look is all the rage with bad guys these days.

(Fire Emblem 7)

(Fire Emblem 8)

Submitted by Wil Keaton, "I think this is quite scary. Here we have Lucius from FE7, who looks just like Natasha from FE8. Now the scary part... Lucius is a man!"

FO's Comment: Either they're related or the character designers got lazy. Basically, it looks like they just edited Lucius's sprite to make Natasha.

(Star Fox Adventures)

The Vok
(Beast Wars)

Submitted by Wil Keaton, "The Krazoa spirits from Star Fox Adventures look like the Vok from the episode 'Other Victories'".

FO's Comment: Good entry. Although I have to confess that I was disappointed when they actually showed the Vok. It was better when you didn't know what they looked like, and those Terminator-style skulls were rather silly.

(King of Fighters)


Submitted by Wil Keaton, "This one just creeps me out. Something about the look in their eyes... they want to eat my soul!"

FO's Comment: I'm disturbed by not being able to see where Yamazaki's hands are in that picture.

Funky Kong
(Donkey Kong Country)

Thrilla Gorilla
(T&C2: Thrilla's Surfari)

FO's Comment: And finally, one so obvious, I cannot comprehend why nobody saw it sooner, except that maybe the four people who've actually played Thrilla's Surfari were too distracted by the eternal question of are those rolling objects in the first level peanuts or logs to notice. I swear, no matter how hard I try, I can't stop from finding these things. Help!



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