Oddities 42: Switched at Birth? Part 21

Because of the large number of entries I receive for Switched at Birth all the time, I won't be able to include every single one that I've got stored away at this time. So if you submitted one to me and it's not on here, look for it in a future update. For now, on with the show!

Xel'lotath from Eternal Darkness

Corrupt Soul Calibur

Submitted by Codie Martin, "Don't think about this one too long. You might hurt your head."

FO's Comment: Because my pictures for comparison here aren't the best in the world, perhaps I should explain a little - Xel'lotath looks like giant sword and has arms where the Corrupt Soul Calibur has those fin-like things. They both also have a single giant eyeball in the middle.

Xel'lotath Black Guardian from Eternal Darkness

Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid

Submitted by Codie Martin, "The Xel'lotath Black Guardian basically looks like Psycho Mantis with his head cut off and an extra set of arms."

FO's Comment: Spiffy! Also, Xel'lotath is the Ancient that causes insanity and Psycho Mantis reads your mind, so they both have a mind-related power.

Mantorok from Eternal Darkness

The Profound Darkness from Phantasy Star 4

Submitted by Codie Martin.

FO's Comment: There's no way it would work with still pictures for comparison, but Mantorok also looks like a bubbling pan of spaghetti sauce.

Choi Bounge from King of Fighters

Vega from Street Fighter

Submitted by Sotenga, "I know it's been established that Choi bootlegs Freddy Krueger, but he also rips off one of the original SF bosses as well. It's all in the claw and the erratic method of fighting. In fact, in SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos, when Kim meets Vega, he makes a comment about him being the spitting image of a grown up Choi, or something like that."

FO's Comment: Spitting image? Just because of the claws? I think Kim needs glasses.

Gen from Street Fighter

Tung Fu Rue from Fatal Fury

Submitted by Sotenga, "Actually, all geezer characters in fighting games all look pretty much the same, or so I'm told. I agree, actually."

FO's Comment: They're basically all Pai Mei from Kill Bill.

Adon from Street Fighter

Joe Higashi from Fatal Fury

Submitted by Sotenga, "This one's also somewhat obvious. In the early days, SNK was infamous for bootlegging character designs. Remember, Adon was in Street Fighter I (1987). Fatal Fury came out in 1991."

FO's Comment: Well, for something that's supposed to be a "bootleg" it looks different enough for my money.

Zangief from Street Fighter

Riker from Star Trek: TNG

Submitted by Sotenga, "Behold... THE BEARD!"

FO's Comment: And pretty much... THE SAME SMILE!

Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

Higsby from Mega Man NT Warrior

Submitted by Codie Martin and ErniePants.

FO's Comment: Higsby looks like everybody.

Cyborg 001 from Cyborg 009

Koenma from Yu Yu Hakusho

Submitted by LordDraco3, "Both talking...babies...what is it with those things?"

FO's Comment: And those giant pacifiers...

The MCP from TRON

The Kool-Aid Man

Submitted by Kairobi King

FO's Comment: That's been pointed out in pretty much every single review of that movie.

Olive from Animal Crossing

Cindy from Yogi Bear

Submitted by Bomberguy221.

FO's Comment: I'm just glad Cindy's not that ugly...

King Drool from Bonk's Adventure

Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2

Submitted by Crawl and 1000.

FO's Comment: Good one!

Henry Hatchet from Bonk's Adventure

Shyguy from Super Mario Bros. 2

Submited by Crawl and 1000, "And Bonk's Adventure also has dragons with water spouts that can launch Bonk into the air...a pretty clear rip off of the whales in SMB2's fourth world."

FO's Comment: They share the same color palette, but I don't know if that creature looks like a Shyguy so much as like a dinosaur with a Pac-Man ghost on its head.

ABA from Guilty Gear Isuka

Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Submitted by Andy Thorley, "ABA (Guilty Gear Isuka) is based on Sora from Kingdom Hearts; they look the same and they both use an overly large key as a sword/axe."

FO's Comment: I wonder if ABA should really be fighting considering that she's bleeding constantly.

Ino's Band from Guilty Gear X

Red and Black Mage from Final Fantasy

Submitted by Andy Thorley.

FO's Comment: The hats in Ino's band also remind me of the talking hat from the Harry Potter movies.

Voice Actor Scott McNeil

Koris from Jade Cocoon

Submitted by Master Koris, "I was looking at SAB #10 and saw Scott McNeil (I had never heard about or seen him) and said, 'Wow! He looks a lot like Koris from Jade Cocoon!" Same hair, same beard. "

FO's Comment: Yep. Just about. Apparently, characters are now submitting themselves to the archive.

Racer X from Speed Racer

Space Ghost

Submitted by ShadOtterdan, "I noticed that Racer X from Speed Racer looks a lot like Space Ghost from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Without the cape that is."

Anna William from Tekken

Sandra Bullock

Submitted by Sotenga.

FO's Comment: Eh, maybe.

Mako from Wind Waker and E. Gadd from Luigi's Mansion

Submitted by BGBW, "Don't you think it is obvious that the two look alike? Same nose, same glasses and they are both short. Maybe it is a slight cameo or just an ancestor of E Gadd's."

FO's Comment: Probably an intentional cameo. Good eye.

Smee from Peter Pan

Mako from Wind Waker

FO's Comment: Mako also looks a heck of a lot like Smee from Peter Pan.



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