Oddities 37: Switched at Birth? Part 16

AiAi from Super Monkey Ball

Princess Leia from Star Wars

Submitted by Crawl and 1000.

FO's Comment: Okay, I admit it's kinda funny, but after this one, no more things that look like Princess Leia in any way, shape, or form, as her hair is such an oft-imitated thing.

Leader-1 from GoBots

C3PO from Star Wars
Submitted by ErniePants, "Leader-1's head is just C3PO painted white."

FO's Comment: Well, not quite...but it's close enough.

Hannibal from the A-Team

Voice Actor Charles Martinet

Submitted by Deven711.

FO's Comment: Charles Martinet has done voiceovers for many video games, including Mario in the N64 Mario games and Fox McCloud in Star Fox 64.

Rose from Street Fighter Alpha

Seymour from Final Fantasy X

Submitted by Alan Bates.

FO's Comment: Not the closest comparison in the world, but moving on...

Cody from Final Fight

Axel from Streets of Rage

Submitted by Alan Bates.

FO's Comment: Now that's just frightening.

M Bison from Street Fighter 2

Oozie Nelson from Rival Turf

Submitted by Alan Bates.

FO's Comment: Now that had to be done on purpose.

Fighter from Ultima: Exodus

Hero from Dragon Warrior

Submitted by Alan Bates.

FO's Comment: The DW Hero looks even more like the U:E Fighter when he has his shield.

Mike Haggar from Final Fight

Franco Bash from Fatal Fury 3

Submitted by Alan Bates.

FO's Comment: And they both sorta look like Jesse Ventura.

Submitted by Alan Bates.

FO's Comment: This one speaks for itself.

Viewtiful Joe

Saharin from
08th MS Team

Char Anzable
from Gundam

Submitted by Alex Damage, "I will accept Codie Martin's challenge. I believe that Viewtiful Joe was based off the Gundam series, specifically a combo of Aina Saharin from 08th MS Team and Char Anzable from Gundam."

FO's Comment: He looks a lot closer to the one on the right than the middle one, but I still don't know if it was intentional.

Ponchi and Conchi from Shaman King

Ren and Stimpy

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: That MUST be an intentional rip-off or spoof.

Hao from Shaman King

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: I'm beginning to think just about every anime character looks like Sephiroth when viewed from at least one particular angle.




Kirby/Lolo submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: I was thinking recently that Kirby reminds me a lot of Pac-Man. Both little round game heroes that eat a lot, including their foes. Picture of Pac-Man from The Pac-Page.

Marco from Shaman King

Charlie Nash from Street Fighter Alpha

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: Coincidentally, before I read this reader's submission, I saw a picture of this Marco character on some website and thought the same thing - that he looks like Charlie of SF Alpha.

Benimaru from King of Fighters

Johnny Bravo

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: That one's really funny!

Cindy Vortex from Jimmy Neutron

Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold!

Submitted by Varakorn Ungvichian, "They're both blonde, both wear pink clothes, both wear pigtails, both have numerous putdowns for the main character, and yet they both have been known to be soft on said main character."

FO's Comment: It's like one's a CGI version of the other, huh?

Morrigan (DarkStalkers), Minnie Mouse, and Rouge (Sonic Adventure)

Submitted by Hypercat.

FO's Comment: This one is too big to display without causing a horizontal scroll on 800 x 600 resolution, so I'm only posting a link to it.

Ershin from Breath of Fire IV

Robo from Chrono Trigger

Submitted by metroid213.

FO's Comment: The way he has those animals all over him, Ershin also reminds me of the robots in Castle in the Sky.

Umaro from Final Fantasy 6

Emperor Palpatine

FO's Comment: What is it with Final Fantasy 6 and Star Wars characters??

Owzer from Final Fantasy 6

Jabba the Hutt

FO's Comment: See what I mean?



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