The Return of Switched at Birth?

It's the long-awaited return of Switched at Birth! For this issue, I've tried to throw together some particularly astounding and uncanny entries (unlike past editions that had a tendency to contain a lot of stuff that just made me say, "Eh...") Some of these are ones that were submitted right before the ezboard hacker attack. Unfortunately, just about everything that wasn't archived to the site yet had been wiped out of the submissions forum, but I remembered a few that particularly stood out to me. I cannot, however, remember individual comments that were made, so I'll just make up my own.

Tingle (various Zelda games)

The Prince (Katamari Damacy)

Submitted by Camira Breen

FO's Comment: That's really weird. I'm sure it's just coincidence but you can't help but wonder...Maybe that explains why Tingle is so strange. He might be from another planet.

The Prince (Katamari Damacy)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles character

Submitted by Camira Breen

FO's Comment: The more I look at this one, the more my brain hurts...

Tingle (various Zelda games)

Samurai Scorpio (Super Ninja Boy)

FO's Comment: Not to be outdone, Tingle has another look-a-like, too. I half expect him to take off his hood and have a scorpion tail on his head.

Muten Roshi (Dragonball)

Marzin (Azure Dreams)

Submitted by Deathamster

FO's Comment: Gosh. I never noticed that in all the times I played that game.

Muten Roshi (Dragonball)

Soundmaster (Super Ninja Boy)

Submitted by Deathamster

FO's Comment: Wow! Soundmaster looks exactly like what Roshi would look like if he didn't have a beard. Same glasses, same head shape, the nose is the same shape, and when Roshi opens his mouth, he also has teeth like that.

King Toro (Super Ninja Boy)


Submitted by Deathamster

FO's Comment: Super Ninja Boy certainly has a lot of look-a-like characters. (I remarked on an earlier page that Notruedamus looked a lot like Washu from Tenchi Muyo.) It's like they only made minor modifications to the Mario head for King Toro.

Amakusa (Samurai Shodown)

Alex (A Clockwork Orange)

FO's Comment: Both are highly-destructive mischief makers, too.


Kid Niki

FO's Comment: I mentioned this in my Kid Niki review. Thought I'd actually put up a side-by-side comparison anyway.

The Snowths (The Muppet Show)

Birdo (Super Mario Bros. 2)

Submitted by Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: While Crawl and I were watching a DVD of The Muppet Show and it got to this infamous sketch of the Snowths singing "Mahna Mahna", he commented that they look like Birdo and I agree.

Scourge (Transformers)

Dreadlord (Warcraft III)

Submitted by Shebakoby, "Both have batlike wings and those claws..."

FO's Comment: That's a really good one.

Rick (Ultimate Fighter)

Billy Coen (Resident Evil 0)

FO's Comment: This one was a really bizarre coincidence. I had just finished playing Resident Evil 0 and I started playing a little of Ultimate Fighter, and as soon as I saw the closeup of Rick's face, it hit me like a ten ton brick! He looks just like Billy Coen, except for a larger nose (which I think only looks bigger because of the way they added in the shadow.) But their hair and faces are otherwise exactly the same.

Shiba (Cannon Spike)


FO's Comment: I noticed this when I was looking at some Naruto game for the Gamecube in Toys R Us. I thought, "Whoah! It's that guy from Cannon Spike!" Well, not really, but they sure look and dress similar...


Bart Simpson

Submitted by Shebakoby

FO's Comment: Naruto is basically what you might get if some anime artist decided to do a realistic "anime" version of Bart Simpson...sort of like what happened with the Powerpuff Girls.

Enrico (Resident Evil)

Mike Haggar (Final Fight)

FO's Comment: I noticed this when watching the FMVs in Resident Evil 0. I think Enrico looks more like Haggar as the CG model in the FMVs, but I couldn't find a picture of that. Both of these are Capcom characters so maybe it's not that big of a deal, but I still thought it was interesting enough to make a note of it, especially since Capcom doesn't recycle designs as much as some other companies and artists do.

Cyclonus (Transformers)

Android Cell (Dragonball)

Submitted by Shebakoby

FO's Comment: Holy crap, that's weird! The "ears" and the "wings" especially.

XBOX 360 version

Skies of Arcadia

Soul Calibur 2

Resident Evil

With contributions from SolidChocobo, Yoshi of America, & Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: This is hilarious! All tall characters with one giant hand and one normal-sized hand and something protruding from the chest (well, except Drachma who doesn't have a chest ornament, but he does have the big arm goin' on.)

The Kodamas (Princess Mononoke)

The Koroks (Wind Waker)

Submitted by Yoshi of America

FO's Comment: Cute, but strange.

Krillin (Dragonball)

Omi (Xaolin Showdown)

Submitted by Shebakoby

FO's Comment: For anyone who's ever wondered if it was possible for Krillin's head to get any rounder.

Hotsuma (Shinobi)

Hattori Hanzo (Samurai Shodown)

Submitted by Facilitypro

FO's Comment: They're both ninjas in black with a long red scarf and a metal plate of some kind on their foreheads, but can they kidnap the president?

Snow Miser (The Year Without a Santa Claus)

John Kerry

Submitted by Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: But I think if the Snow Miser ran for president, he wouldn't have given up so easily. Of course, he might also have gotten kidnapped by those ninjas.

Strider Hiryu

Chip Zanuff (Guilty Gear)

Submitted by Pogosama

FO's Comment: So obvious, I don't know why it wasn't submitted sooner.

Phoenix Wright
Ace Attorney

Ladd Spencer
Bionic Commando

Roger Smith
Big O

Submitted by CB007 & Codie Martin

FO's Comment: And finally, a three-way. I don't think this one is coincidence. I think they really are triplets who were all separated at birth and went on to live amazing crime-fighting lives of danger.



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