Oddities 29: Switched at Birth? Part 9

I got a ton of submissions from various site readers and a few more of my own. Thanks greatly to all those who submitted for this round.

Blue Mary from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters

Android18 from Dragon Ball Z

FO's Comment: This is the first in a number of submissions from Pokejedservo. I guess I don't have much to say about this one.

Christie from Dead or Alive 3

Angel from King of Fighters

Another one from Pokejedservo, "A little bit of imagination is required but it works."

FO's Comment: Actually, that one's pretty close.

Robert T.S. from Ninja Gaiden 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator

FO's Comment: I could kick myself for not seeing this one sooner. Robert's even wearing the same exact clothes! Maybe the "T.S." stands for "Terminator Schwarzenegger".

from DarkStalkers

from Dead or Alive

Prima aka Lorelei/Kanna
from Pokemon

FO's comment: Another one from Pokejedservo! I thought the actual game sprite of Prima looked a bit more like the others because of the hair color than the anime version, but here's a pic of the anime version for comparison, too: Prima.

Blinx from Blinx the Timesweeper

Sparkster from Rocket Knight Adventures

FO's Comment: Okay, Bill Gates, what do you have to say for yourself? Thanks go to RK Sparkster because I sort of borrowed both of these pictures from her.

Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X

Higsby from Mega Man NT Warrior

Here's one from Deven 711, "Here's another oddity, FO! This has Chris from Sonic X once again! Their hairstyles look very similar, don't they? Maybe Chris may grow up to look and be like him and say "huh!" after every sentence he finishes. (Example: My computer is all glitched up, huh!)"

FO's Comment: Maybe Chris is his illegitimate son.

Kim Kap Hwan from Fatal Fury

David Kaye

Submitted by Pokejedservo, "David Kaye is the Voice Actor of Megatron from Beast Wars, Sesshomaru of Inu-Yasha, and Treize Khusnrenada of Gundam Wing. You may not see it but I do, and speaking of which he is also the Voice Actor of Kim in the English dubs of the Fatal Fury Anime and he also resembles Treize of Gundam Wing shown here:

David Kaye

Treize from Gundam Wing

Daxter from Jak & Daxter

Timon from The Lion King

Submitted by cuttersDCut, "Another switched at birth would be Timon from Lion King and Daxter from Jak and Daxter. They somewhat talk alike too."

FO's Comment: Another one for "so obvious, I'm surprised it wasn't submitted sooner".

Eagle from Capcom vs SNK 2

Freddie Mercury from Queen

Also from Pokejedservo, "This one is actually intentional. I mean, for starters change Eagle's hair to black and he'd practically be a splitting image. Granted he was in the original "Street Fighter" which was made & released before Freddie Mercury's death of AIDS in 1991 however when Capcom re-used him in CvS2 they deemed him as a tribute to the late great singer. (And also of the fact that when Eagle wins a match he sometimes says "The Show Must Go On" which is a title of a song that Queen sang.)"

FO's Comment: I'm not so sure I would've known he was supposed to look like Freddie Mercury if Capcom didn't say so.

Fujiko Mine from Lupin the 3rd

Eve/Melissa from Parasite Eve

Also submitted by Pokejedservo, "Despite some differences the similarities are still plenty."

FO's Comment: Freaky.


Jon Talbain (Female Form)
from DarkStalkers 3

Another one by Pokejedservo, "Strange irony of a resemblance huh?"

FO's Comment: Okay, that's just insane. And why does Jon Talbain have a female form??? Did he fall into one of those ponds from Ranma 1/2 or something?

Eddie from Iron Maiden's
"Somewhere in Time"

Lord Zedd from
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Here's one from Magical Yard Gnome.

FO's Comment: LOL!

Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Juni from Street Fighter Alpha 3

More from Pokejedservo, "Doesn't seem like it at first but now one can almost wonder if this was intentional."

FO's Comment: It probably was.

Juli from Street Fighter Alpha 3

Tifa from Final Fantasy 7

More great stuff from Pokejedservo, "Again plenty of differences but plenty of similarities which should be fun for the imagination in more ways than one."

FO's Comment: Eh...it's a stretch...I thought of removing this one, but then my next comment would make no sense...

Tifa from Final Fantasy 7

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

FO's Comment: I didn't realize it until I saw the picture of Tifa in the above submission, but I'll bet her design was inspired by Lara Croft.

Kasumi from Dead or Alive

Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury/KoF

Pokejedservo again, "Some differences? Yes, but there are plenty of similarities."

FO's Comment: The clothes at the very least...

Tuff from the Kirby cartoon

Ludwig von Koopa from SMB3

Here's another from Deven711, "They may not look too similar. But these guys have the same hair color! The only difference is that Tuff's hair faces down and Ludwig's hair faces up! Nevermind, you'll get it soon."

FO's Comment: Tuff sort of looks like Pokey from Earthbound, too...

Rose from Street Fighter Alpha 3

Psylocke from X-Men

Yup! Pokejedservo again, "A bit of imagination is required but it's not hard."

FO's Comment: You know, I didn't think Rose looked that much like Troi from Star Trek:TNG in that other submission, but the more I look at her, the more I see it...

Taki from Soul Calibur 2

Sango from Inu-Yasha

Last entry from Pokejedservo, "Well aside from Taki's lack of a huge boomerang and Sango's lack of huge...uh nevermind. The resemblance is very much there."

FO's Comment: Yeah, that one's particularly strong.

Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat

Linda Hamilton

FO's Comment: I believe this one was intentional. A later version of Sonya Blade looks exactly like Linda Hamilton from the part in Terminator 2 where she tries to kill the guy who invents Skynet. See for yourself:

The Hero from Dragon Warrior 3

Crono from Chrono Trigger

And finally, one from Lord Draco3, "The hero from Dragon Warrior III and Crono have the same kind of clothes, they got this headband thing, it's like they go to the same store or something."

FO's Comment: No big coincidence, as both characters were drawn by Akira Toriyama. Sort of like that 002/Roam thing from the last SAB.



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