Oddities 21: Switched at Birth? Part 4

And yet another installment of this infamous saga.

Vampira aka Carmilla from Castlevania 2

KAIN from Tenchi the Movie

FO's Comment: Must be that "weeping mask" look that KAIN gets after he's battled with Achika.

Zerah from Lagoon

John Rhys-Davies

FO's Comment: This one is so uncanny it scares me. You may have already seen this if you read my Lagoon review. You may know John Rhys-Davies as Gimli in the "Lord of the Rings" movies and as Sallah in the Indiana Jones films.

Jewel Master (Sega Genesis)

Richter Belmont from Dracula X
& Symphony of the Night

FO's Comment: This one was submitted to me by Dire 51. The hero in Jewel Master looks enough like Richter Belmont to be his twin (and why are Belmonts always showing up in these things?)

Sydney from Vagrant Story

Kurt Cobain

FO's Comment: I couldn't remember if it was Crawl and 1000 or Facilitypro who first told me about this one, and I was going to credit both of them, but Crawl is telling me that it was Facilitypro.

Epsilon Eagle from Alien Soldier

Amon Walker from Albert Odyssey

FO's Comment: I noticed this when I read Dire 51's review of Alien Soldier at the OPCFG.

Amon Walker from Albert Odyssey

Miss Piggy

FO's Comment: And the Amon Walker strangeness continues...There's just something "not right" about this one.

Frieza from Dragon Ball Z

Mewtwo from Pokemon

FO's Comment: Someone pointed this out to me on a message board a long, long time ago, but I can't remember who it was.

UPDATE: James FP had informed me that he was the one who pointed out this similarity on a message board we used to go to a long time ago. I believe he is correct. My memory seems to confirm that, now.

Here's something I just now noticed.
Don't the larvae things this Contra boss spits out...

...look an awful lot like
the demon from Ninja Gaiden?

Ghosh from Azure Dreams

Tim Roth

FO's Comment: Please note this only works with the GBC version of Ghosh. The PS1 version of the character looks a little different.


Ron Jeremy

FO's Comment: This one was submitted by epic sou1 and thanks to James FP for supplying the picture. I don't know who Ron Jeremy is, but I'm told he's a porn star. *cough*

UPDATE: Apparently, this one was more well-known than I was aware of. There are actually pictures of Ron Jeremy cosplaying as Mario! But...be careful if you do a search. He is a porn star, after all.

UPDATE #2: Well, this saga just keeps going. Apparently, Ron Jeremy starred in a porno spoof of the Super Mario Bros. movie called Super Hornio Bros. where he played the role of Hornio Hornio. Thanks to many site readers for pointing this out...but please, no more. I already know more about this than I think I'll ever need to.

Okay, what you are about to see is the single most disturbing "Switched at Birth", I have ever seen. Technically, the following aren't game characters, but this one was just too bizarre to leave out. If you go any further, don't say I didn't warn you.

Bluestreak from The Transformers

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

FO's Comment: Okay, it may take a few moments for this one to pop out at you, but once it does, you may regret it. This is truly frightening. Is it coincidence that Stitch's head just happens to resemble the front end of a Nissan Fairlady-Z with its doors open, or is some greater power at work here?

And since we're on the subject, now it's time for some more Transformers weirdness...

Bluestreak from The Transformers

Tigatron from Beast Wars

FO's Comment: Another Bluestreak anomaly. This really isn't that much of a coincidence, considering they're both Transformers, and it's highly likely that when the designers came up with ideas for the Beast Wars characters they borrowed a bit from the Generation 1 characters. But I think it's interesting, anyway, so that's why I posted it.

Galvatron from the Transformers

Tigatron from Beast Wars

FO's Comment: Crawl and 1000 told me that he thought Tigatron looked like Galvatron. They even have similar names!

Tigatron from Beast Wars

Ron Perlman from Beauty & the Beast

FO's Comment: Who remembers that TV show with Linda (Terminator) Hamilton?

Ironhide from the Transformers

Rhinox from Beast Wars

FO's Comment: Rhinox always did remind me a lot of Ironhide.

Starscream from the Transformers

Princess Leia from Star Wars

FO's Comment: Thanks go to Crawl and 1000 for pointing out to me that Starscream looks like he has a "Princess Leia" hairdo. Personally, I'd go with Arcee for being a stronger Princess Leia/Transformers look-a-like, but ah...maybe that's too obvious.

This has been one of the weirdest "Switched at Birth" articles ever.
I think we'd better leave off here before things get even more out of hand.



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