Oddities 40: Switched at Birth? Part 19

I'm going to start this round off with a few I discovered on my own, as it seems more and more lately, Switched at Birth is being dominated by reader submissions. No offense to anyone, of course, but I also think lately I've been getting way too many anime submissions and not enough game characters. So let's try to go back to SAB's roots a bit with some game character look-a-likes. On with the show!

Notruedamus from Super Ninja Boy

Washu from Tenchi Muyo!
FO's Comment: Doesn't Notruedamus look like a male Washu with a mustache?? I mean, they both have the same pink-colored hair done up in the same style. They both have that purple band in their hair. Their eyes are drawn in a similar shape and style, and they both make goofy facial expressions. And, as SethraShnoo adds, they even act alike. Notruedamus is always saying, "I am Notruedamus the Great!!", just like how Washu always says, "I am Washu, the Greatest Mind in the Universe!"

Solar Jetman

Rad Gravity

FO's Comment: This one is so obvious, I'm surprised no one caught it before I did.

Mephisto from Alundra 2

Yoda from Star Wars

FO's Comment: I finally figured out why Mephisto always set this alarm off in my head that was saying, "This guy looks like something I've seen before..."

Mephisto from Alundra 2

Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Submitted by Junus Crowe, "Is it just my imagination, or does Mephisto also sort of look like Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark?"

FO's Comment: No, it's not your imagination, Junus. I actually noticed the similarity when I played through Alundra 2 awhile ago, but forgot about it. Even their personalities are similar. And when you fight Mephisto as a boss, red flags are draped all around his room. They look like Nazi flags, except that Mephisto's "key" symbol replaces the Swastikas. I really wouldn't be surprised if Mephisto was based somewhat on Toht.

Flint from Alundra 2

Kid Icarus from Captain N

FO's Comment: Not to be outdone by Mephisto, Flint has his own lookalike. All he needs is the wings. This is yet another example of me discovering a Switched at Birth entry a long time ago, and then totally forgetting about it. I thought Flint looked like Captain N's version of Kid Icarus, way back when I first played the game, but I didn't remember it until recently. Even the voice is similar.

Mona from Wario Ware, Inc.

Penelope Pitstop

FO's Comment: Is it just me, or is this Mona character basically Penelope Pitstop minus the scarf and with red hair?

Mona from Wario Ware, Inc.

Cornet from Rhapsody

FO's Comment: For that matter, Mona also looks an awful lot like Cornet from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.

Dark Knight from Rhapsody


FO's Comment: This was so, SO done on purpose! Someone who worked on Rhapsody must've been a fan of Spawn. There's even a joke in the game where Cornet sees some comic books on a shelf and says, "They even have SPOON #1!"

Carl Cog from Conker's Bad Fur Day

Koffing from Pokemon

FO's Comment: Kind of a simple, obvious one. And they both "smoke", too.

Van Helsing

Vampire Hunter D

FO's Comment: Am I the only one who thinks Van Helsing was more than a little modeled after Vampire Hunter D?

Bluestreak: Hey, Prowl, did you ever notice that we look exactly alike?
Prowl: Oh my God! We do!

FO's Comment: Okay, I know, sometimes Transformers have similar designs, but this picture was just asking for it.

Seth from Illusion of Gaia

Tedd from El Goonish Shive
Submitted by ShadOtterdan, "I don't know if a webcomic can be put into the switched at birth section, but when I saw Seth from Illusion of Gaia, I immediatly thought Tedd from El Goonish Shive."

FO's Comment: Hmmm...I don't see why web comics can't count.

Dora the Explorer & Boots

Lilo and Stitch

Submitted by Pokejedservo.

FO's Comment: I know it's not game-related, but it's too good to pass up. I know they don't look exactly alike, but the implied similarities are astounding.

Super Sonic the Hedgehog

Super Saiyan Vegeta

Submitted by Yuri van den Berg.

FO's Comment: I've been told that Sega claims this was a purposeful homage to Dragon Ball Z, but my BS alarm is yelling, "Rip-off!"

Sion from The Bouncer

Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Submitted by Katie, "Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Sion from The Bouncer. Same company, but still....they may as well have called Sora chibi-Sion."

FO's Comment: That is strange. Sora must've been based directly on Sion.

Solid Snake

Kurt Russell

Submitted by Eleonora, "Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid II and Kurt Russell...They are equals."

FO's Comment: Kurt Russell battled The Thing, but can he take on magic ooze under the White House, or a guy who spits bees?

Brendon Small from Home Movies and Jet Link from Cyborg 009

Submitted by Rae Person Thing.

FO's Comment: That one pretty much speaks for itself.

Moheek from Metroid 2

Greedo from Star Wars

Submitted by Starscream

FO's Comment: Funny!

Stingmon from Digimon

Waspinator from Beast Wars

Submitted by Reine Kuosa

FO's Comment: Now it's just getting weird...

Amidamaru from Shaman King

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7

Submitted by Deven711, "Sephiroth may look like Huo, but he looks more like the long haired shaman guy."

FO's Comment: FO agrees. (Thanks to Toguro Max for providing Amidamaru's name.)



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