Oddities 38: Switched at Birth? Part 17

Pirika from Shaman King

Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: It's like the one on the left is a simplified version of the one on the right. Getting too many anime submissions at this point, though...let's try to move on...

Ryu from Shaman King

Elvis Presley
Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: The hair is really the only thing that connects them, and it kind of reminds me of Egon Spengler from The Real Ghostbusters, too.

Shaka from Saint Seiya

Zechs from Gundam Wing

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: Same expression and camera angle in these pictures, too, but again, let's get away from this anime stuff...

Angemon from Digimon

Zechs from Gundam Wing

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: I had a hard time finding a good picture of Angemon. I can see why people might think their heads look somewhat alike, but I just wish I had a better Angemon pic for comparison.

Kenshin from Rorouni Kenshin

Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: That one's particularly uncanny.

Beast from X-Men
Ron Perlman "Beast"
Kimahri from Final Fantasy X

Ron Perlman/Kimahri submitted by metroid213.

FO's Comment: I thought Kimahri kind of looked like X-Men's Beast, too.

The Heartless from Kingdom Hearts

Vivi from Final Fantasy 9

Submitted by metroid213.

FO's Comment: Since they're both Squaresoft games, it was probably done on purpose.

Servbots from Tron Bonne

Lego People

Submitted by metroid213.

FO's Comment: Funny!

Juli and Juni from Street Fight Alpha 3

Vice and Mature from King of Fighters

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: I think they all share similar professions, too. Aren't they all bodyguards of sorts?

King from King of Fighters

Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: I apologize that this page turned into the "Generic Anime Gallery". We will try to be more discriminating in the future.

Edward Windsor from Zombie Raid

Irvine from Final Fantasy 8

Submitted by Haniwa Dogu.

FO's Comment: NOW we're getting somewhere. Even the pose is similar!

Vile from Mega Man X

Boba Fett from Star Wars

Submitted by metroid213.

FO's Comment: This one is so obvious, I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. And according to Codie Martin, Vile's name was Vava in the Japanese version, which sounds like Boba, so it was probably on purpose, too.


Dick Dastardly

Submitted by Sarah Campbell, "They even sound similar! Maybe Waluigi should get a snickering dog, too."

FO's Comment: Heh. I really like this one! But while we're on the subject, I really don't get Waluigi. Wario was a Mario-wannabe. It's kind of understandable why someone might want to be like Mario. But Luigi is treated as a second-stringer who prefers to stay out of the limelight. Why would someone want to be a wannabe of that?

Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi

Chun Li from Street Fighter 2

Submitted by Aline.

FO's Comment: I don't know if I blame anime itself for having so many similar-looking characters as I do particular artists. I know from experience that it's almost impossible to create something without it looking like something else somewhere in the world, but sheesh!

Kyo Kusanagi from King of Fighters

Locke from Final Fantasy 6

Submitted by Pokejedservo. They look like they could be twin brothers.

FO's Comment: Locke is a funny character. He sometimes looks like other characters, but only when he's in ONE specific form. No other variant of Locke looks like Kyo the way this SD version does.

Vice from King of Fighters

Ricki Lake

Submitted by Pokejedservo.

FO's Comment: That one's REALLY uncanny!

Mr. Big from Art of Fighting

Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft

Submitted by Pokejedservo.

FO's Comment: But is Mr. Big the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about?



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