Donkey Kong 64


A collection of random screencaps of weird things in Donkey Kong 64.

The Banana Hoard as shown in the game's ending sequence. Is that supposed to be only the Golden Bananas or all of the bananas (minus the ones you feed to Scoff)? Because even with all 201 Golden Bananas collected, that pile still looks way too big...there's more like 2000 bananas there.

It took me just under 41 hours to get 101% of everything in the game and beat the final boss. I encountered a strange glitch before I actually got everything. I went to the large Banana Fairy after photographing all the smaller ones in the game. She gave me the 201st banana (the one with the Rareware sticker), and my percentage total showed "101%"...but the thing is, I was still missing a banana from the Crystal Caves level at the time! My rating should have only been 100%. When I finally got that missing banana, my total stayed at 101%.

What the hell happened to Funky Kong in this game? Why is he suddenly obsessed with military equipment and pretending to fire a machine gun all the time? At least it's not as bad as, well, marrying his own cousin or something like that, but this is still a rather bizarre character change. (And what is with that scene of him gyrating his ass in the ending credits?)

If you leave Donkey Kong standing with the barrel too long at the start menu, strange things will start happening around him. Here, there's a giant beaver balancing a bunch of smaller beavers on its nose.

Sometimes, a bunch of little beavers run up and bark at him.

Sometimes, Kremlings run up and tickle his armpits. (There's a bunch of other things that happen. I don't feel like presenting them all.)

Donkey Kong 64 has some interesting details. The entrance of Frantic Factory includes a clock with timecards and punch. (None of these things actually work. It's just for atmosphere.)

Donkey Kong's treehouse contains the old phonograph that Cranky was using in the beginning of Donkey Kong Country, as well as a red steel girder from the original Donkey Kong arcade game. There's also a painting of a Dolphin, possibly a reference to the then-upcoming Gamecube console which was codenamed "Dolphin".

Lanky is a freak.

Very bizarre angle. It's like something out of A Clockwork Orange.

Here's a question - What is Lanky saying when he jumps? It sounds like "eggroll". For that matter, how is he related to the other Kongs when he's an orangutan and most of the others are gorillas? Is "Kong" just a very common last name?

This is easiest to notice if you highlight Chunky or Lanky in the barrel. Highlight either one of those two, then pay close attention to Tiny. She coughs several times then says her name in a really raspy, creepy voice. "TIIINNNEEEEE!!" It's like she's sending you subliminal messages.

What the hell does "take it to the fridge" even mean??

You's bad enough that they killed Wrinkly off and made her come back as a ghost. It really is. But that giant gameshow-style spinning wheel with doorways to her eternal resting place...that is...that is just wrong on so many levels.

What is with these overturned buckets on the basement level of Creepy Castle? Never found a use for them. I find this as mysterious as the museum pillar...

Rare sometimes likes to hide cheese in their games (most infamously, in Perfect Dark). In DK64, you can find a big slice of cheese in the trash can of Creepy Castle. (And does anyone else find it strange that Creepy Castle is a medieval setting, yet it has a modern-day trashcan with modern soda cans inside of it?)

Yup. DK Isle is shaped like Donkey Kong's head. I don't even want to know how that's possible. But that's not even the weirdest part. That little cabin high up on the left leads to Fungi Forest and the building on the right leads to Angry Aztec. How is this even possible? In Super Mario 64, the paintings were magical, and so were the jigsaw puzzles in Banjo-Kazooie, so that's how it was possible to enter a whole new world by jumping into them. But how can you enter a small building and end up in the desert or a large forest with lots of other buildings?? For that matter, why is there a medieval castle on top of K. Rool's Crocodile Isle? And how does his tiny little escape ship fit that entire boxing ring complete with a full audience? I also find it kind of amusing that Frantic Factory is essentially a toy factory located inside K. Rool's Crocodile Isle. Is that what K. Rool does to fund his project? Make and sell toys?

Most of the computer screens in Hideout Helm's control room show the usual static or radar blips, but a few of them have some really weird images. Two of them, for example, show bubbling lava. Why?

One of them has the moon graphic from Creepy Castle. Hmm...interesting...Is it possible that Creepy Castle is all an illusion created by Hideout Helm's computers?

And one of them's checking for something on-line...but it's stuck like that, forever and ever. Browser crash, maybe?

World's damn biggest mushroom. Couldn't even get the whole thing in one screencap. I think by the time the Kongs finished exploring in and around this thing, they should've been pretty damn high. (Although with Lanky Kong, I don't know how you'd tell the difference.)



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