This page is a small tribute to Donkey Kong 64. Okay, so it's not the greatest game in the world, but it had a few things I wanted to pay tribute to, including the best home version of the Donkey Kong arcade game that I own, some bizarre glitches and oddities, cameos and references, and the character who has now become my favorite in all of the DK universe - Chunky Kong!


Also, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, if you haven't played the game and you are planning to, or if you're currently playing it and don't want any spoilers, I STRONGLY suggest not going any farther until you've finished the game, AS THESE PAGES DO CONTAIN MANY SPOILERS. If you ignore this warning, then please do not email me to complain about giving away spoilers. You've been warned.

A very small tribute to the original arcade version of Donkey Kong that can be unlocked in DK64.

I used to love writing character essays like this. Chunky was my favorite Kong from DK64 and here I explain why.

A glitch that causes the ending credits to roll during the opening sequence. Complete with screenshots.

Normally, only Tiny can be taken in to see the Banana Fairy. But this glitch allows you to take any Kong character to meet her.

Boulders on DK Isle have no reflection and can make Chunky Kong walk like a zombie. Strange.

This glitch allows you to swim right through the ground and end up underneath of DK Isle, which leads to even more possibilities...

A continuation of the above glitch, this shows how to get into a room that was only intended for use in a cutscene.

There's what appears to be a leftover beta testing room in the game that can be accessed by manipulating the mini-game menu in Snide's HQ.

A collection of random oddities, mysteries, humor, and observations.

A list of the game's known cameos and pop culture references. Text only, sorry.

My complete review of this game. Fun Fact: I've had both fans of this game and haters argue with me over this review. I guess that's what happens when your score is right down the middle.

This links to the Donkey Kong 64 section on my Music Downloads page.

Links to other sites and resources for the Donkey Kong games.




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