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This is where I will post links to all of my YouTube and Google videos. If you ever wanted to actually see me play a game, here's your chance.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons:
Heroes of the Lance


  • Game Completed with No Lives Lost in 13:08
    This is the fastest and easiest method of beating Heroes of the Lance without cheating. This one is for all the people who think this game is impossible - it's actually really easy once you figure out a few things.

    Airforce Delta Strike
    (Sony Playstation2)

  • Hyper Speed Rick Mission in 5:51
    Using Rick Campbell/Anaconda 2/Nonstop. This is why Harry is the greatest AFDS character ever.

  • Iceberg Mission in 2:36
    Using Brian Douglas/Cobra 3/Sprog. This stage is SO much easier if you use rocketpods to take out the ice floes as opposed to targeting them with normal missiles.

  • Night Blitz Mission in 5:54
    Using Ruth Valentine/Viper 1/Lily. Pretty nighttime city stage with lots of searchlights and other cool effects. The thing to note here is how dangerously low to the ground I spend almost the entire mission. Pierre is one annoying little bastard, isn't he?

  • Over the Cloud Mission in 8:08
    Using Ken Thomas/Viper 3/Crow. I realized all my other videos from this game focus on taking out ground targets. Here's one that shows an aerial battle. I have to take out these giant airships, one of which is holding a jet called "Freedom" hostage. I have to break "Freedom" away from that large central airship and then protect it as it flies to safety.

  • Rail Road Mission in 5:04
    Using Alex Levine/Anaconda 3/Rush Hour. Escort mission in which you have to protect a train from enemy planes and railcars. This didn't go as smoothly as I'm capable because I think I actually got too far ahead too fast and confused the game a little. At one point, Amelia tells me the train is taking fire and to return immediately even though it isn't, but it fooled me into turning around when I didn't need to.

  • Rollergames Mission in 2:55
    Using Brian Douglas/Cobra 3/Sprog. Just under 3 minutes! I'm pretty good at this one.

  • Turning Point Mission in 5:18
    Using Brian Douglas/Cobra 3/Sprog. The goal of this mission is to fly into the barrel of these gigantic cannons and destroy the target at the end. Yes, they are shooting at you as you do this. (I ignore the first one because the NPC Python units take it out.)

  • Twister Mission in 5:35
    Using Holst Prendre/Cobra 1/Duke. I probably should have used a faster plane considering the distance between targets here. I literally have to nosedive into the barrels of three tornadoes to take out the targets at the bottom.

    Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
    (Sony Playstation2)

  • Final Boss in 25:58
    This is me beating the Lord of the Black Abyss using the strategy outlined in my guide. There are faster ways of doing this, but they would require me to use supercharged characters from playing the New Game + and/or using the hidden characters, but I wanted to show a strategy that works well for those who arrive at the boss at a low level and without the secret characters.

    Dragon Spirit: The New Legend

  • Blue Dragon Mode in 33:40
    This is me beating the Blue Dragon mode without losing a life. I took a couple of hits, but kept going since I didn't die. (And also, I knew that if you get that one fairy to show up, she refills your health, and she showed up.)

    Equinox: Solstice 2
    (Super NES)

  • Galadonia in 6:52
    This is me beating the first dungeon, Galadonia, without dying by using the strategy outlined in this guide. This video was just meant as a demo, I do not plan to do one for every dungeon (I'm not enough of a masochist to do that).

  • Graphics Glitch Demo
    This video demonstrates the disappearing graphics glitch and shows exactly why it happens. See this article for more information.

  • Missing Room 07-02
    I used a code to access the missing room 07-02, which is programmed into the game, but not accessible through normal gameplay since it was never completed. More information can be found in this article.

    Gradius 3
    (Super NES)

  • Normal Difficulty in 36:08
    This is me beating the Normal Difficulty mode without losing a life and without using any codes. It took four attempts to get this.

    Star Fox
    (Super NES)

  • Star Fox Path 1 in 28:31
    This is me beating Difficulty Level 1 of Star Fox without losing a life. I've pretty much got this one memorized except that I accidentally shot a moving wall I didn't mean to shoot on Venom and crashed into it. But I didn't die, so I kept going.

  • Star Fox Path 2 in 27:45
    This is me beating Difficulty Level 2 of Star Fox without losing a life. This path really isn't much harder than Path 1, but Andross takes longer to beat and the Plasma Hydra is a tough boss. This path emphasizes use of your retrorockets a lot more.

    Ys 3: Wanderers From Ys
    (Super NES)

  • Final Boss in 8:04
    This is me beating the final boss of Ys 3. I've heard some people have trouble with this guy, and I did when I first got to him, too, mostly on account of him being harder than the whole entire rest of the game. But this video shows a pretty simple method of beating him. Note: I'm not constantly ducking, that's the ground undulating.


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