Publisher: Libredia       Developer: Cateia Games       Release Year: 2014

Where Angels Cry is a hidden object game without any actual hidden object scenes, much like Cursed. This approach may be inviting to those who don't like their hunt-and-peck nature, but without them, the games end up being really short. The plot, which was inspired by The Name of the Rose, involves you being sent to investigate a crying angel statue and a missing monk at a monastery in Italy. It's unique, but the lackluster voice acting and the way you're given goofy menial tasks to do (like picking tomatoes and brushing a horse) detracts from the atmosphere.

Type: Matching Color Wheels

Comment: Turn the wheels to get all the gems that are facing each other to match colors. Turning some wheels will also rotate others. Here is what it looks like solved. As you can see, the only ones I bothered to move were the top middle and the right middle wheels. Assuming this isn't randomized, that's all you have to do.

Type: Tower of Hanoi

Comment: You'll need to move the stack of crates from the right side of the screen to the left. A crate can only be sat down on the bare floor or a crate larger than itself.

While I've shown solutions to "Tower of Hanoi" puzzles in other guides, because this one has five objects to move, the amount of screenshots required to show my exact solution would be beyond reasonable, and you'd figure it out much faster on your own. The basic thing to keep in mind is that you can move the crates back and forth as much as you want and any crate can sit on a crate larger than itself. (Not just one size larger.) Only the largest crate can never sit on another crate. Here is what it will look like solved.

Type: Rotating Rings Picture Puzzle

Comment: Push the buttons to rotate the rings and form the complete image of a horse. Some buttons affect multiple rings. This one can be a bit of a pain, but it's easier if you concentrate on getting the inner rings into place first (the very middle of the picture is already locked in place and doesn't move, so you can easily line them up with it). Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Math Puzzle

Comment: Scattered around the church are a bunch of hidden numbers carved onto background objects, like so. These numbers must be used in this puzzle and arranged so that they solve the equation via the "greater than" and "less than" symbols. Here is the solution.

Type: Leapfrog Puzzle

Comment: Move all the skulls to the right and all the roses to the left. They can only move in one direction, and can only move if there is an empty space in front, or by "leaping" over a skull or rose into an empty space behind it.

Start by moving the first skull forward. Have the first rose leap over it, then move the second rose forward.

Leap the the first skull over the rose, leap the second skull into its spot, and move the third skull forward.

Leap the three roses forward.

Move the first skull to the last slot. Leap the second skull into its place. Leap the third skull into the middle hole.

Move the second rose over one and leap the third rose into its place.

Move the last skull forward one and you're done.

Type: On/Off Puzzle

Comment: A simple on/off puzzle. Click the lights to turn them all green. Be prepared. For some reason, the game gets obsessed with these puzzles from this point on.

Type: On/Off Puzzle

Comment: Turn all the lights off. Clicking one affects others near it. This one's a lot easier than it looks.

Type: Pattern Matching

Comment: Rotate the dove symbols to match the pattern found in a clue in your journal. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Picross Variant

Comment: You'll need to form a shape here by using the numbered clues on the sides of the grid. The numbers tell you how many orange squares are in each column and row.

Start by solving the 10 and the 9's because that's the max number of squares in the columns and rows. From there, it gets easier to tell where the remaining orange squares should be. If you have extra space in a row or column, you can opt to put an "X" in the squares to make it less confusing. Here is the entire puzzle solved.

Type: On/Off Puzzle

Comment: Turn the wheels to change all their colors to green. Turning one wheel will affect another one, so you'll need to sync them up.

Type: On/Off Puzzle

Comment: Now you have to do three of these things. After placing the green marbles on the cross, you can click them to change their colors. The color they must all be changed to is determined by the symbol on the cross.

Refer to your clue book for the answer. You should have found this clue earlier in the church. This cross's marbles will need to be changed to yellow, like so.

These marbles need to be red.

These marbles need to be blue. As with all On/Off Puzzles, clicking one marble will affect others near it.

Type: Screen Maze

Comment: The hedge maze is optional, but if you're trying to collect all the angel statues and/or get all the achievements, you'll need to do it. You'll also get a extra chunk of the game's story at the other end. The directions to get through it will have been given to you by Jarvis in the village before you get the point where you can actually enter the maze. Ignore the diagram and just follow the directions on the left page: Left, Forward, Forward, Right, Down, Forward, Down, Right, Forward.

Type: Match 3 Mini Game

Comment: By clicking on a gem, you can temporarily swap it with a neighboring gem. You want to try to line up three swords to damage the Templar. If three skulls line up, you get damaged instead, and your life meter doubles as a timer that's constantly going down. If you're going for the achievement where you beat this mini-game without a do-over, make a copy of your save file before going to the restaurant at night in the village. That way if you lose, you can re-import your save file and try again. Due to the random nature of this mini-game, it's not always possible to win it through skill or strategy. Sometimes it just won't give you enough swords and sometimes the only move you can possibly make is to line up skulls and take a sacrifice hit. Hopefully, you'll win eventually.

Type: Sliding Tile Node Variant

Comment: The chips need to be moved to the slots of the same color. Not very difficult considering there are two empty slots to work with. Most of these puzzles only give you one. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Picross Variant

Comment: Here is another one of these puzzles, just like before.

And just like before, start with the 10 column and 9 row. Use X's to fill in unused spots. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Rotating Parts Puzzle

Comment: Use the rotating device in the middle to move all the red and yellow chips from the left to the right side. The center won't rotate without at least one chip on it. If you put both red and yellow a one side and the red outnumbers the yellow, the game will start over again, so you have to plan this carefully.

Start by putting two red chips on the center part and rotating them over to the right.

Leave one of the red chips there, and rotate the other one back.

Put the other red chip on the center part, rotate them over. Drop one off, and rotate the other one back.

Drop off the red chip and put two yellow chips on the center part.

Drop off one of the yellow chips on the right. Replace it with one of the red chips. Rotate them back over to the left.

Drop off the red chip on the left, replace it with the yellow chip. Rotate both to the right.

Put both yellow chips on the right, and put the red chip in the center. Rotate it back to the left.

To finish out this puzzle, put another red chip in the center, rotate it to the right, drop one off, then rotate the other back to the left. Put the remaining red chip in the middle and rotate both to the right.

Drop both red chips off on the right, and woo-hoo, you're done!

Type: Simon Says Music Puzzle

Comment: The organ will play a tune on its own, and you must play the same tune back. Each time you're successful, it plays the same tune again, but adds one note to it until you've done it about five times. This puzzle is randomized, so I can't give you an exact solution, but if you make a mistake, you just have to do it again, and you have unlimited chances.

Type: Sliding Key Puzzle

Comment: This pain-in-the-ass puzzle is a variant on the Sliding Key puzzle, except you're trying to slide a big blue block out through the opening instead of a key. This took me forever to solve, and when I did it looked like this.

Type: Number Sequence Puzzle

Comment: For the game's final puzzle, you have to create a chain of Roman numerals from I-X, and each one must connect to the previous one on the spokes. If you're having trouble figuring this out, here is the solution (green circled numerals are the ones I clicked).



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