9 Clues:
The Secret of Serpent Creek

9 Clues 2:
The Ward

The Wraiths of Eden

Alchemy Mysteries:
Prague Legends

Chronicle Keepers:
The Dreaming Garden

The Clockwork Man

The Clockwork Man:
The Hidden World

Crystals of Time


The Flying Dutchman

Grim Legends 2:
Song of the Dark Swan

Haunted Past:
Realm of Ghosts

Hidden Expedition:

Hidden Expedition:
The Crown of Solomon

House of 1,000 Doors:
The Palm of Zoroaster

Jane Angel:
Templar Mystery

Left in the Dark:
No One on Board

Lost Civilization

Midnight Mysteries:
Devil on the Mississippi

Midnight Mysteries:
Haunted Houdini

Midnight Mysteries:
The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

Mystery of Unicorn Castle:
The Beastmaster


Samantha Swift and the
Fountains of Fate

Samantha Swift and the
Golden Touch

Samantha Swift and the
Hidden Roses of Athena

Season of Mystery:
The Cherry Blossom Murders

Theatre of the Absurd

Time Mysteries 2:
The Ancient Spectres

Time Mysteries 3:
The Final Engima

Where Angels Cry


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