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Daris WolfDaris Wolf - An Earth Demon who is a direct servant of Beorthe, the Great Earth Spirit. The people of Spochella struck a deal with him to get energy from the Spochellan Tower in exchange for an occasional sacrifice to the Earth God.


Darkona - The Elemental Lord of Darkness. Like most of the Great Spirits, Darkona has specially evolved certain humans into an altogether new race that she plans to eventually take control of as an army to conquer the world. Her mutations are the mountain devils, which explains why many of them are born with the power of dark magic. Darkona can manipulate the dark magic within them to take possession of them. She can then use them to do her "dirty work", controlling them like puppets on strings, or evolve them into more powerful forms. She once possessed Nucleo after luring him into a trap. As children, mountain devils are taught that Darkona is their goddess and to pray to her when they need help. After losing his wife to the fire lord, Karma, Nucleo took it upon himself to find out if Darkona actually existed and if she would help him fight Karma. He discovered the tower where she had been sealed up by humans many years ago during one of his expeditions. Unfortunately, he was unaware that her cause was as evil as Karma's when he unleashed her from her prison.

'Cleo was saved when Jack struck him with the Image Arcane sword, which severed Darkona's link to him. (The sword had been made from the blood and bones of Skiva and was specially forged to fight against the Great Spirits.) Although 'Cleo returned to normal, the psychic connection between him and Darkona was never truly gone. He suffered weird seizures for awhile and couldn't stand in her presence without freezing up. Darkona rules the Tower of Grimmora, and her direct servants are the Banshee and the Calico King. Calico doesn't like her too much and wishes to be set free of his servitude.

Desiree BluebloodDesiree von Blueblood - The infamous Baroness and leader of the Quixotic Tigers gang of pirates. Desiree is insane and likes destroying things. She has a penchant for chucking bombs around. Although she leads her gang to gain world fame and fortune, mostly she just likes causing trouble and blowing things up. She would love nothing more than to discover the greatest technological achievement of mankind, and then make it crumble to the ground just for the hell of it. She commands her pirates aboard a giant walking robot made out of parts of old buildings and other junk. However, they often get into arguments and back-talk each other, which, more often than not, causes their plans to fail. Deep down, though, Desiree is not quite as bad as she'd have you believe. In fact, she might be rather nice...if only she could control that nervous twitch that makes her want to break stuff.

Desiree's weapon is a very long sword that she's almost never seen without. She also loves tossing around bombs. I do not know why her particular brand of bombs have a backwards musical note imprinted on them, but they do. Desiree is about 19 years old.

Deuce Koma

Deuce Koma - A member of an intergalactic organization of soldiers and bounty hunters. Deuce became stranded with Chance's gang when her ship was shot down by Ghestov's monstrous space fortress, CRASHER. Deuce is headstrong, and will do whatever it takes to complete her missions - even if it means blowing herself up. Although she is an analytical thinker, and handy with technological gizmos, her desire to take down Ghestov at all costs often clouds her thinking. She is extra-determined to kill Ghestov because he was responsible for the destruction of her friends and family back on her home planet. He is what essentially drove her to being a mercenary. She works well with her partner, Tomi, even though she thinks he's a bit lazy and defiant of his superiors. Deuce, like Desiree, also enjoys blowing things up. She denies any feelings she might have for Tomi because she wants to keep their relationship strictly on a business level. (In fact, she often claims she doesn't like him too much.)

Deuce's triggerhappy nature often causes her to be at odds with team leader, Chance. When Deuce feels threatened, her motto is to nuke first, and worry about the consequences later. Even so, she does have good leadership skills, sometimes subbing for Chance when he's not around and planning battle strategies. Because Deuce has been to many different planets and seen many forms of life, she's not phased by being around the different species of Phainein, and finds their general disdain for each other a little weird. Despite her gritty exterior, she has a flirtatious side and has been known to gain awkward crushes on some of the male characters, particularly Nucleo McRaven.

Deuce uses many different kinds of weapons, but the two she's most famous for are her giant, pump-action bazooka, and a seemingly neverending supply of firecracker bombs. These bombs consist of a white plastic and a red plastic explosive twisted together, with a fuse at one end. She is about 28 years old.

Deuce's RAU Scrapbook

Dion FalkorDion Falkor - In the old series of Image Arcane, Aira's minions were the birdmen instead of the Avians (Avians, in the old series, were another of Zara's minions). Dion Falkor was the most prominent birdman character. He had been around since the preliminaries and was featured in the RAU (he starred in what I personally believe to be one of my most hilarious sketches involving his boss who kept getting his name wrong and calling him "Prune".) The problem with Dion is that he should never have gotten carried over from the prelims and the RAU into the main series. He popped up now and then, and in retrospect, I began to realize his scenes were annoying and pointless, and it seemed like he was hogging tasks that would've been best given to other, more prominent cast members. Also, he was creating too many "deus ex machina" moments - The gang's in deep trouble! How will they escape? I know, have Dion Falkor suddenly show up! *shudders* I have decided to retcon the entire birdman race from Image Arcane, and with them goes Dion Falkor. And really, with Jack Sheen and Nucleo McRaven already running around, I really don't need another winged humanoid character.

Drago KingDrago King - Another of the Demon Lords, Drago is the manifestation of the Dragon Spirit long-worshipped by the people of Nispatia. Like Calico King, Drago isn't so bad once you get to know him. Short and squat, his arms are longer than his legs. Despite his lunky appearance, he is quite powerful, and he might be the one who created Chance's Drago Sword. This is evidenced by the fact that the sword, which was named after Drago, also has a sun depicted on it, as Drago King's power mostly comes from the sun.

DrakeDrake - An indescribable little fuzzy monster. Drake only appeared a few times in The Rare and Uncensored. He was in at least one scene that was a rip-off of the infamous Abbott and Costello "Who's on First?" routine.

DromaDroma - The Elemental Lord of the Dream World. Droma is currently the most dangerous and most powerful of the elemental gods. Like most of his dream demon minions, he can assume almost any form he wants to. His default shape is that of a giant ball of fluctuating energy with a detached, fox-like face. Droma has control over the main tower on the lost continent of Phainein. Because he was the strongest of the great spirits, he was able to easily conquer this tower for himself. It was believed for many years that Phainein had been completely destroyed when the main tower malfunctioned, but in actuality, Droma had only made it appear that way. His control over the tower means that the lines between the real world and dream world have blurred in the area surrounding it, which makes it unreachable to all those he does not wish to enter the area. The dream demons Spyre and Victoria are his direct servants, and it is believed that he killed Seth and trapped his spirit in the dream world. Droma does not evolve humans or other creatures the same way the other elemental spirits do. Instead, he pulls sentience directly from the dream world and converts them into his servants.

Eddy BlytheEddy Blythe - Eddy is probably the most useless member of CRASHER. Oh, he has strong magic powers, that comes with being a demon-elf, but he's so dumb he always messes things up. He often works alongside his twin sister, Jade. He joined CRASHER because he wants to rule a part of the world, and he's too gullible to think for a moment that Ghestov may not keep such a promise.

Eddy's weapon is the Doompole, a magical staff with a snake-like dragon at the top of it. The dragon is seemingly alive, yet part of the staff. He is about 18 years old.

EmmelEmmel - Emmel is a character I used to doodle in my notebooks quite often. She was supposed to be some kind of prehistoric bird, like an archaeopteryx. She was only used in the RAU.

Feline 9Feline 9 - Another RAU character that wasn't used for anything else. Feline 9 is a cat that was featured in a few sketches, including one about an aerobics exercise show and another that was a parody of a cooking show.

Felona Corona

Felona Corona - An incompetent witch who travels around the world on a broom with her cat, Whiskey. Felona has problems with that cat. You see, she once cast a spell on it in hopes of turning it into a powerful monster that would do her bidding, but the spell didn't work. So, whenever the cat sneezes, it turns into something else, but never anything useful. Ditzy and tipsy, Felona loves money and alchohol, but she also has a crush on Nucleo and wants to marry him. 'Cleo, however, has no interest in her, partially because she is often mean and cruel to people, especially those she doesn't like, and partially because he has never gotten over the loss of his wife. Simply put, Felona and Nucleo are not compatible, but she doesn't care. Felona's obsession with the professor is indicative of her wild-natured personality: It's "taboo" in the world of Image Arcane for demon-elves like Felona to be in relationships with mountain devils like Nucleo. But the "danger" of it is what entices her, and the fact that 'Cleo was once married to a demon-elf himself has convinced her that she can win him over.

Felona's name is strange, a combination of "Feline" and "Felon", but that's because the original character design was a giant anthropomorphic cat, not a demon-elf. Since this naming scheme is inconsistent with the general idea that demon-elves take names from objects in nature, I explained this as also being part of Felona's rebellious nature: It is believed to be a pseudonym that she personally adopted because she likes it more than whatever her real name was.

Felona's weapon is her witch's broom, which she can also use to fly. Her age is unknown, but she is believed to be in her 30's.

FirebirdFirebird - Minor minion of the Elemental Lord of Fire, Karma. Literally a bird made out of flames.

FrimpetFrimpet - A funny little dog like character that was actually created by SethraShnoo (although I drew this picture of it.) It was only used in The Minvera Project and was a pet that belonged to CRASHER.

FrizzFrizz - Insane hamster is the best way to describe Frizz. This is a character that only appeared in The Rare and Uncensored sketch comedy series. Most of the humor involving Frizz was visual, so it's difficult to describe. Her name was taken from a real-life pet gerbil, but her species and personality were an amalgamation of several different pet hamsters.

FrostbiteFrostbite - An icy dragon and cast member of the RAU. He had a gallery picture, but I never actually used him and dropped him from the cast both for lack of ideas and because I already had too many other lizard/dragon-types on the roster.






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