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PibbyPibby - Pibby is a funny little quail who was one of the animals Cory brought back to her house. Pibby had a habit of sitting on Nucleo's head. Her neck is unusually long and she often stretches it out as far as it goes.

Preston Abirok

Preston Abirok - Dr. Preston Abirok is the school psychiatrist at the Grimmora Mage University, and one of the few desert-elves to ever attend and/or teach there. He is a long-time friend of Aurora Taglisa and Nucleo McRaven. Preston is a generally good-natured man with a kind demeanor who also doubles as the school's bookkeeper and occasionally teaches magic classes or substitutes for them. (Being a Light Demon, Preston's magic is not as potent as most of the other mage professors due to Leohtiss being one of the weakest of the Elemental Gods.) Since the Mage School is primarily devoted to the civilization and education of demon and monster-like beings, which can often be chaotic in nature, Dr. Abirok has his work cut out for him. However, for the most part, he enjoys his job, as he likes challenges and feeling needed. Preston has a meek outward appearance, but is expressly confident in himself and his knowledge.

Although Preston was only 20 when Aurora adopted young Nucleo, he assisted her greatly in defeating Headmaster Crow's argument that it would be too dangerous to train and educate a rogue mountain devil at the school. He noted that 'Cleo showed no signs of aggressive behavior and that if they returned him to his home, he would be punished for running away - a crime for which he could be put to death since he was branded a slave. Although Preston has had some difficulties in dealing with certain students in the past, none gave him as much trouble as Image Arcane, the daughter of the demon-elf king, Zephyr Arcane. Initially uncontrollable, due to the way she was raised by her egotistical and warmongering father, Dr. Abirok found her to be too much to handle...until he realized that Nucleo seemed to be the only one who could ever get through to her. In asking for Nucleo's help in the matter, he indirectly fostered their relationship. He is also deeply in love with Aurora, but will not confront her with his feelings because he fears it would ruin their professional relationship.

Preston rarely does any fighting, but he does have a type of sword that is typically wielded by Desert elves. He is about 52 years old.

Preston's RAU Scrapbook

PuttycatPuttycat - Puttycat is a cat that has no legs, but its body is made of a substance similar to putty. It moves around by launching itself. When it lands, it splatters, then reforms into its normal cat shape after a few moments. I'm not sure where Puttycat comes from, but one thing is clear: No one on the face of the planet shall deny its greatness.

Raymond O'Malley

Raymond O'Malley - A humble ferryman who once got attacked by a rogue tiger. The tiger tore off part of his pants, and Raymond used an old cloth pirate's map, which he didn't think was real, to repair them. It turned out the map was real, and it got him into a lot of trouble with Desiree's pirate gang who wanted it. So, the man who was attacked by a tiger now found himself being hunted by the Quixotic Tigers. Can you believe this guy's luck? Raymond was only in that one episode and was never used again since until I started writing The RAU Gallery on this site.

Raymond's personality is very childlike and naive. No one really knows why this is. He also tends to get nervous around people and will throw things at them if he starts to distrust them for some reason.

Raymond isn't much of a fighter (it's a wonder he survived the tiger attack), and the only "weapon" he has is the pole with the bell on it that he uses to paddle his ferryboat. He is about 23 years old.

Raymond's RAU Scrapbook

Rex CardinalRex Cardinal - Rex is a character that only appeared in the preliminary episodes. He was one of Desiree's pirate gang. He was intentionally a spoof of popular characters "The Lone Ranger" and "Zorro", but he was dropped when I made the decision to not make any of my characters blatant spoofs of any existing ones. He was replaced in the Image Arcane series with Cody Decker, who also dresses in red and has a very similar personality.

rhinoRhino Guardian - These strange monsters guard some places around the world in Image Arcane. A semi-intelligent race that's probably easily dominated and put into service by stronger, more intelligent demons.

Rick JonesRick Jones - Rick Jones, or "Maverick" as he's sometimes called, is another member of Desiree's pirates. "Naive" is the best way to describe him. He works for the pirates, but it's almost as though he's unaware of exactly what goes on around him. He's the only one who never backtalks Desiree, Cody, Kado, or Honen, and he's rather polite-spoken for a pirate, and is usually in a good, genial mood. His skills are nowhere near as advanced as Honen's, but he does have some ability to make and repair things, so even after Honen left the group, Rick was able to keep their robot going. Rick also enjoys flying and wishes to find an airplane that he can use to fly around the world, someday. Chester thinks he may have known Maverick long ago...

Rick's weapon is a small pirate's dagger. On-board Desiree's robot, he is the one usually responsible for firing the cannons. He is about 38 years old.

Roadkill HarryRoadkill Harry - A joke character that got started in The Rare and Uncensored. It was featured in the "Roadkill Café" commercial segments that were in those sketches. Eventually, this character worked its way into Image Arcane, too. It began when Kado ran him over in his car on his way to deliver a pizza. Then, Roadkill Harry would get run over in ANY car chase scene. There was even a scene where he got run over in outer space during a battle between two space cruisers. I somehow doubt that RK will be making any return appearances as I've grown a bit tired of the joke.

Robin Calypson

Robin Calypson - Robin is the traveling partner of Chester Hallet. She is a very talented magician, pilot, and singer. Part of the reason her magic acts are so good is because she knows real magic. She is, however, suffering from some kind of amnesia, and remembers little about her past. When memories do come back to her, they seem to make no sense. She remembers flying, she tells Chester, and she doesn't mean inside a flying vehicle, like either of the two airships that she and Chester own. As it's revealed one day when a stressful situation causes her to suddenly transform, Robin is actually some kind of demon with a human form. In her demon form, she is large, cat-like, and has wings, which explains the flying memories. But it's still unknown exactly what kind of demon she is or where she came from (it is believed she is half earth demon and half human and probably came from Spochella). Although this revelation comes as somewhat of a shock to Chester, he doesn't abandon her. In fact, he claims he always knew something was different about her, especially since it's extremely unsual for pure humans to be able to use magic without wielding some kind of magic-imbued artifact. Robin is friendly, strong, and outgoing like her partner Chester, but she keeps her feet in reality, which has saved their skin on more than one occasion.

Robin and Chester met in a scrapyard where Chet had been building an airship. He had come home on a rainy night to find her sitting on his doorstep lost, confused, and unsure of who she was. Ever since then, Chester has felt a sense of responsibility to take care of her, even though she is certainly not incapable of looking after herself. After she learned to trust him, Robin began assisting Chet in the construction of his airship and eventually learned to pilot it, too. Despite their quirky differences, the two have been inseparable friends ever since.

Robin's weapon is her magician's wand, which is more than just a stage prop. It has real magical powers contained within it. She also has a sai-type weapon that can be used as a dagger or shoot a beam. Her exact age is unknown, but Chester estimates that she is somewhere between 18-20.

Robin's RAU Scrapbook

RodneyRodney - Rodney is a were-dragon - a human who turns into a hairy, four-armed wolfish dragon when the moon is full. It is believed that he was a victim of Moonshy, the Lunar Spirit, who can infect living things with lycanthropy. Rodney could be the poster-child for "unfinished character concepts"; sometimes his human form was a sailor, and other times a knight. Sometimes his dragon form has four arms, sometimes only two. Sometimes he looks like a dragon that walks on four legs, and sometimes he's a more humanoid dragon. His weapon was a three-pronged spear. His only appearance in any of the comics was as the keyboardist in the R.A.U. band. Rodney currently has no role in Image Arcane, but I'm working on something for him.

RoxanneRoxanne - Roxanne is one of the most bizarre characters I've ever created. She is an amalgam of various different kinds of animals, like wolf, dragon, and luna moth. She originally was designed for the R.A.U., but became a character in Image Arcane as a direct servant of Zara, the Great Spirit of Beasts. She is a wicked sorceress who helped Zara's army defeat the Great Water Spirit, Swan.

Roxanne's weapon is the Serpent Staff, a rod of great magical power created by Zara. (Its design is based on a staff I owned that was part of a Halloween costume.) Her age is unknown, but she is supposedly hundreds of years old.






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