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Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

NOTE: This is NOT a walkthrough! This is just an overview of the different levels of Angel Land. When I first played Kid Icarus many years ago, I beat the entire game all on my own. I would hope that you'd try to do the same thing, too! ^_~

Now, on with the show!

Level 1 - The Underworld

Snakes!? Why did it have to be snakes!?
Pit has escaped from the Underworld Prison, and now he's on a mission to defeat Medusa, rescue Palutena, and free Angel Land from everlasting destruction and tyranny! I mean, why have Zeus use one of those powerful lightning bolts to do away with Medusa in a flash, when you can send a little 3-foot-high kid armed with only a measly bow and arrow to do it? That just wouldn't be Nintendo Logic, now would it? I have heard many people tell me that they never got past the first or second level of this game. In all honesty, I don't find that completely unbelievable, but it's really not as difficult as it's often made out to be. You start with very little life power, which is the biggest problem. Therefore, you will need to conserve as much energy as possible. Don't rush forward too fast! Kid Icarus is somewhere between the adventure and action genres, so it's supposed to be slower paced. Try to get lots of hearts!

The second major obstacle will be getting used to Pit's play control. It isn't bad, but it can be a little tough to get used to at first. You probably will spend alot of time missing the many annoying jumps from one small platform to another. Another thing you have to be careful of are platforms that you fall through when you duck down. If you fall past the bottom of the screen, Pit dies, and you have to start from the beginning, again! The problem is, it can be hard to tell exactly what you can duck down on safely and what you can't! The general rule is that if a platform is floating in space all by itself, (not connected to anything) it's probably one that you will fall through. You will always fall through moving platforms if you duck on them. You will notice that a lot of enemies come in groups of four. Remember that they are not unlimited. If you stay in one spot and keep defeating them, eventually they stop coming, and you'll be free to move on.
I get the feeling I'm being watched...

Uh-oh!! Grimmy is spazzing out!!
I've played a lot of NES games where the first level consists of fighting the same enemy over and over again. That isn't the case in Kid Icarus. You will come across several different kinds of enemies in the first level, alone. Snakes, called "Shemums" drop out of the sky and march straight at you. Pick 'em off with your arrows, and they're no problem at all. Next, you have to watch out for floating Monoeyes. These guys can be a difficult target, because they usually float out-of-range of your arrows. Then they all suddenly fly right at you, much too fast for you to be able to pick them all off in time before they hit you! The worst of the bunch is the Grim Reaper. I don't think this guy should have been put in the first level! He takes way too many hits to kill (even after you've gotten some of the strength arrows!) If he sees you, he calls on a group of Reapettes, which behave in the same manner as Monoeyes. Try to hit the Reaper from behind.

Along the way, you will come across many doorways that lead to all manner of bizarre rooms and things. Some of them are shops where you can purchase items. Some are Zeus's special chambers where he gives you Strength Arrows or puts you through the trial of the tumbling mirrors. If you're not powerful enough, or haven't defeated enough enemies, Zeus will not appear in these rooms. Another room holds the Treasure Pot game, where you either win prizes or lose it all to the God of Poverty. Once in a rare moon, you'll find a hot spring that completely restores your health meter if you stand in it. But the most bizarre place you'll encounter is the Specknose chamber. I have been attacked by all manner of things in video games, and perhaps, if this was a game like Monster Party, I wouldn't be so surprised by a swarm of flaring nostrils, but these enemies just don't seem to belong in this game!! They are good for collecting hearts.
Attack of the killer noses!! WTF?!

Hey!! Stop following me!!
As you progress further through level 1, you'll start coming across more challenging obstacles, such as thorns, icy platforms, enemies that chase you, and enemies that pop up out of right underneath your feet! Some of these enemies will shoot at you, too. Just be careful that you don't duck a shot if you're standing on a platform that you will fall through. If you're getting too low on power, buy a chalice or bottle from the shopkeeper. Don't rush forward too fast. Once you reach the end of Level 1-3, it's time to move onto the fortress. Unlike the first three areas, the fortress is a maze. Each doorway you enter takes you to another screen, or "room" of the fortress. You must find the correct path through it to get to the boss. If you're getting lost, try to find the map, then buy the pencil and torch from the shopkeeper. The map will appear on the subscreen. Smash statues with mallets to release soldiers for aid in the boss battle.


This enemy will turn you into an eggplant if you aren't careful! Watch out!
1-4 MAP

NOTE: This is not a complete map of the fortress. It shows the direct route to the boss. S = Start Point, G = Goal

Onto Level 2!

Twinbellows is the boss! Try to trap him in a corner, facing away from you.


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