Angel Land Levels

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Level 4 - The Palace in the Sky

Look at me, Mom! I can fly!
You're finally reached the last level - The Palace in the Sky, where Medusa is holding Palutena captive! Pit will automatically equip the three Sacred Treasures at this point. The screen scrolls automatically in this area, and the level is completely horizontal. You also have the Mirror Shield and the Light Arrows equipped. The Mirror Shield will absorb enemy shots, and the Light Arrows shoot like a laser beam! Enemies are really gonna start coming at you from all sides. Try to conserve as much energy as possible. Overall, this level isn't too tough. It sort of plays like a shooter...

The scenery in this level is kind of nice. Gotta love those columns and Venus de Milo statues! (Which is the background image I used for the Shrine.) If you touch the clouds at the bottom of the screen, Pit will "bounce" back up to the middle of the screen, and you can't control him while he does that, so stay away from there! Watch out for harpies that swoop at you and green flowers that pop up from below. There are also a group of flying pink stars that can be tough to avoid.
Eek! Harpy attack!.

Yes, you can even fly backwards!
That little guy prancing around on the red bricks may look like an Eggplant Wizard, but it can't turn you into a walking, or flying vegetable. When you shoot it, it breaks into three parts which home in on you. It might be better to avoid it by flying though the red brick section.

When you reach the hallway with the brown bricks and Venus de Milo statues for the second time, you're getting close to the end...This level seems to "loop" once before you get to the final boss. The ghosts are easy to beat. When the music changes, prepare to face Medusa!
My heavens, we're almost there...

Whoah, baby! Eye-to-Eye!
This is it! The final battle! Stay as far to the left as you can and float down just below Medusa's iris. Her shots should start aiming downward. If you're positioned just right, they will not be able to hit you. Now time your shot to hit the snake in the head as it bounces toward you, and keep firing into Medusa's eye. Using this method, you can beat her without taking a hit! Eventually, Medusa will go down in defeat, and now you can just sit back and watch the ending scenes! The ending you get depends on your score, and there may be other factors that affect it, too. I've seen four endings to this game, altogether. The other two endings are very similar to the endings I have pictured here. There's just a few minor graphical differences. You can see all the endings at The Video Game Museum. (Thanks to Rey from VGM for submitting this link.)

UPDATE: TheAlmightyGuru has sent me some information on ANOTHER safe spot in Medusa's chamber:

"While recording the Kid Icarus soundtrack I also ran through the game again, and at the end boss I remembered the place where you can sit and fight Medusa without getting hit. I also played around and found that there is even a closer place to sit and completely avoid Medusa's attacks, both the gaze and snakes. Which will allow you to kill her faster. I just though you might like them for your shrine."

Another safe spot!

The Ending

When she's had enough, Medusa gives up the
ghost and crumples over. Victory is yours!

Woo-hoo!! I won!!

Gee, thanks. It's a perfect fit.
Or You Could Get This Ending

What on earth...I just aged about 15 years in
3 seconds! I thought that only happened
to U.S. Presidents...


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