Update Log

NOTE: Some links on this page may not work, and some may link back to the old Geocities site, as existing material in this section is merely an archive of old updates and is not altered in future versions.

Update: 12/31/03
More of a farewell than an update. You may remember not too long ago I announced that I didn't want to write any more reviews, even though I managed to put up one more that I had already been working on. Since around that time, my interest in the internet had been waning. The lack of updates and my decreased amount of posting on internet message boards has probably been a testament to that. So, I guess, I feel this is as good a time as any to say my goodbyes. That's it. I just don't feel like doing it anymore, and it's time for me to move on. ~FO

Update: 12/24/03
I may be making several updates today. I updated my game collection list, and I also added one new entry to the Hidden Game Music article for Lagoon, and holy crap!, I just discovered a couple of entries for Inindo that I added, too. ~FO

Update: 12/21/03
Cameos has been updated with new submissions for Final Fantasy 8, Klonoa: The Door to Phantomile, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Life Force, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Plok, Ridge Racer Type 4, Super Punch-Out!!, Super Smash Bros., and Super Smash Bros. Melee. I also added another submission to the Aliens Switched at Birth article. ~FO

Update: 12/20/03
Aside from cleaning up the design of existing pages, I also updated the Things We've Learned From RPGs article. ~FO

Update: 12/14/03
Since I've decided that I really like this new design, I'm going to slowly start applying it to the other pages of the site, so you should begin to notice some pages changing slightly. I'm also going to take the opportunity to clean up the design of some of these pages a bit to make this site easier to read and browse through. For example, the changes to the layout of the Cameos Database makes it much easier to read, and I also updated the A-C portion of that page, with new entries for Blast Corps and Conker's Bad Fur Day. I also added one midi to the Shadowgate 64 review. Finally, if you're wondering where that Transformer with the animated cat on its shoulder that used to be at the bottom of this page went, he's been moved to the Transformers Animations page. ~FO

Update: 12/14/03
I've launched a whole new look for the main index page of the site! Looks kind of H.R. Giger-ish, doesn't it? ^_^ Because of the number of sections this site has accumulated, I thought that the large amount of buttons in the sidebar was getting ridiculous. And I figured that I may as well redesign the whole entire page while I was at it. ~FO

Update: 12/13/03
I have several updates today. First, a new oddities page for Drakkhen weirdness. I also updated the Kid Icarus Music page, adding two new Underworld theme midis and the Kid Icarus soundtrack in .nsf format. I also added the last two Caption Contests, and I'll have a picture for the next contest later sometime today. I'm going to start putting the current caption contest picture on the contest index page for those of you who don't check the forums every day. ~FO

Update: 12/7/03
I made another small update to Game of the Month #3. One of the sites I had linked at the bottom no longer exists, so I replaced it with another. That may not seem like much, but I thought it was significant enough to mention it here because the replacement site is none other than the Kid Icarus Coliseum, a site that I had thought long disappeared! I recently discovered where it was relocated to, and it's great to see it back. I also made a small update to Oddities 8. Apparently, an NES version of Altered Beast also exists (and that's probably the most belated update in my site's history because I was told about that over a year ago.) ~FO

Update: 12/7/03
Some more updates. First of all, the belated Game of the Month for December. I also updated the Game Collection List at long last, and it's now "Flying Omelette and Crawl and 1000's Game Collection", because Crawl and I live together and share games. I also updated the Video Game Glossary with a few new entries. Expect updates to Cameos, Switched at Birth, and the Caption Contest soon... ~FO

Update: 12/5/03
Several updates today. I added two more entries to the Aliens Switched at Birth special, and an update to the Breath of Fire Oddities page. I also updated the links. If you asked me to change an URL for a moved site, it's been done, and I also added links to Great Gaming Midis and Lost Levels Online. ~FO

Update: 12/4/03
I know I'm late with Game of the Month, but I'll get to it this weekend (hopefully), I've been busy trying to get other site projects done. Today I finally finished updating the MIDIs page. Now, hopefully, all of the midis that are used on this site have been posted on the midis page. I also added some more midis of my favorite songs to the Non-Game Music section, and I added more midis for Magic of Scheherazade and SaGa Frontier, since these two (underrated) games have two of my favorite soundtracks. ~FO

Update: 12/2/03
The only thing new I have today is the new "Website of the Month", which is the Mushroom Kingdom, my favorite site for Super Mario Bros. information and downloads on the web. Right now, I'm working on getting the older pages updated, most notably, the MIDIs archive. ~FO

Update: 11/28/03
Despite the fact that I said I wouldn't be writing reviews anymore, a lot of you have an uncanny ability to talk me back into it, though I still think I could use some improvement. But anyway, yup, I have a new section for 3DO reviews, beginning with a review for Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller. ~FO

Update: 11/27/03
Happy Thanksgiving! I've completely renovated the forums today. Things are a bit neater, now, but the most important change is the addition of the FlyingOmelette.com Site Submissions & Feedback forum. If you have something you want to submit to the site, such as Cameos, Switched at Birth, or other stuff, you can, if you want to, post it in that forum. You can also still email me, but I just thought I'd let everyone know it's there. ~FO

Update: 11/22/03
I added one midi to the Kickle Cubicle review, and I'm busy cleaning up broken links on the site. Most notably, the links on Oddities 10 (A Boy and His Blob Weirdness) should be working now. ~FO

Update: 11/20/03
This isn't a real update, just another announcement. I'm putting most of the site on temporary hiatus. I'll still update Cameos, the Caption Contest, and Switched at Birth, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to working on anything else. There's nothing really wrong, I'm just feeling like I need a break for awhile. ~FO

Update: 11/19/03
I thought I'd announce that I'm not going to be writing reviews anymore. The problem is that I just simply suck as a reviewer and no matter what I do to try to improve, I end up despising and loathing my reviews even more. Just when I think I've done all I can to improve, something comes up and I realize I'm doing something wrong, and I just see no end in sight to it. There's no way I can rewrite over 60 reviews so that they'll be "perfect" and "convincing". I realize there's no real point in trying anymore, so I'm just giving it up. I will still continue work on other parts of the site, but no more reviews. ~FO

Update: 11/18/03
I was without access to this site for almost a week, and I've just now got it back. As a result, I'm way behind on updates. I'll start listing updates here as I make them:

  • I made some minor changes to the "About FO" page. I added the "Atari 5200" to the list of consoles I own, and I removed the list of movies for two reasons. #1, I might do a separate feature on my favorite movies eventually (I've already begun work on one, but it's far from being ready to put up on the site.) #2, that list really sucked!
  • I added one midi to the Magi Nation review.
  • I added one midi to the Section-Z review.
  • I added one midi to the Street Fighter 2010 review.

    Update: 11/12/03
    Now that I've gotten that matter out of the way, I want to attend to more pertinent matters: I've decided that I'm changing my scale from a 10-point to a 5-point scale (with half-points). I'm also going to remove all sub-scores from all reviews. It will be a long time before I get every review changed over to the new format. And for that matter, I may never get them all changed over, but just don't be surprised if you see those changes in the older reviews. The reason I'm changing to a 5-point scale is because I feel a 10-point scale is too difficult to use. It's a lot easier for me to say "This is a 3-star game" than for me to determine if a game deserves a 7, a 7.5, or an 8. I also think the 10-point scale is way too overused and abused in the world of game reviewing, and I just don't want to contribute to that. ~FO

    Update: 11/11/03
    I don't have any new updates for you, but it appears I'm going to have to create an email FAQ because things are getting a bit out of control. Before I do, though, let me go over a few things right here and now so we can put a stop to some things and I don't have to resort to blocking people's email addresses:

    #1: Although my site is has NES-related material, I am not now, and nor have I ever been part of any "NES Scene". I'm not even really 100% sure of what this "scene" is and who all is a part of it, but I am not now, and nor have I ever been involved in it or a member of it. I may have posted on some boards that were considered part of this "scene" in the past. I probably was unaware that those boards were "scene" boards. I have posted at hundreds upon hundreds of boards in the past, and I can't remember every single board and every single thing I've posted everywhere. You are not to email me about the "NES Scene" or anything relating to it.

    #2: I am not now, and nor have I ever been a member of Team-VZQ. You are not to email me about it. If you have a problem with someone in that group, you are to resolve it with the person yourself. I am not paid to be a referee.

    #3: Do not send me any emails regarding the Game Pond or N-Sider. If you're someone who thinks you know me from the Game Pond or N-Sider from long ago and you want to drop a line, that's okay. But any emails asking me to give details of what happened to those boards will not be answered. Any emails flaming me or blaming me for what happened there will be immediately discarded and your email address blocked. You're just wasting your time. I had nothing to do with the closure/failure/etc. of either board, and you simply need to either create a new board, call it "Game Pond" or "N-Sider" and carry out your business, or get over it.

    #4: You are not to email me because you have a problem with or don't like a user at my forums. Either learn to ignore that person's posts, or figure out a way to resolve your differences on your own. Again, I am not a paid referee.

    I apologize to my site readers who don't have any idea what this announcement is about, but believe me, if you'd seen the level of immaturity I've had to put up with in the past few months, you'd understand. ~FO

    Update: 11/9/03
    Cameos has been updated with new submissions for Conker's Bad Fur Day, Dance Dance Revolution, Final Fantasy 9, Gradius, Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller, Mega Man X5, Metroid Fusion, Might and Magic: Gates to Another World, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. ~FO

    Update: 11/2/03
    Here's Game of the Month for November. ~FO

    Update: 11/1/03
    Several updates here:

  • I added a review The Ninja Warriors to the Super NES section.
  • The winning entries for Caption Contest #2 have been put up.
  • I updated Cameos with new entries for Animal Crossing, Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire 3, Castlevania, Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2, DarkStalkers 3, Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Kirby's Avalanche, Klonoa: The Door to Phantomile, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mega Man Battle Network 2, Mega Man Legends, Metroid Fusion, Nightshade, Ninja Warriors, Paladin's Quest, Pokemon G/S/C, Pokemon R/S, Ridge Racer Type 4, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Smash Bros., and Viewtiful Joe.
  • I updated the Site Directory.
  • New site of the month is my boyfriend's site, Crawl and 1000's page. I didn't feature it sooner because he didn't want me to, but I'm getting impatient. He hasn't updated in awhile, but he will again someday, and in the meantime you can check out his excellent video game reviews (better than mine, IMO), his Yoshi's Island Boss Shrine and King's Knight shrine, and his hilarious prank reviews.
  • I'll have some more updates, including "Game of the Month", a bit later. ~FO

    Update: 10/21/03
    I added a review of Inindo: Way of the Ninja to the Super NES section. I also updated the hidden game music article with new entries for Chrono Trigger, EVO: Search for Eden, The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, and Alundra 2. ~FO

    Update: 10/18/03
    Several updates. First, we have a new section for our Caption Contest. I put up the results of the first one. You can find that by clicking the "Caption Contest" button to the left. I also updated the "Things We've Learned From RPGs" article and the "Video Game Glossary". I also added a site tracker, so now I can see how many hits the main page is getting each day and where they're coming from. (That's what that button below the sections table is for.) I also updated the Links section. I finally found out where David Wonn's Unique Glitches moved to, so I re-added that site, along with Corneria HQ. ~FO

    Update: 10/12/03
    Sorry for the severe lack of updates, lately. I didn't mean for it to come to a dead halt again, but I've been working a lot of overtime lately, and from what I understand, it will be like that again all next week. O_o But at least I'm making extra cash. I was able to take advantage of Gamestop's Buy 2 Used Games, Get 1 Free Sale because of that, and I picked up a bunch of good stuff! Today, I update the Cameos Database. See what's new for Adventure, Bloody Roar 2, Breath of Fire 3, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Chrono Cross, Dance Dance Revolution, Defender, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Final Fantasy, Guilty Gear X, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Missile Command, Namco Museum Vol. 1, Pokemon B/R/Y, Pokemon G/S/C, Pokemon R/S, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer Type 4, Silent Scope, Sonic Advance, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Sunshine, Wario Ware Inc., and Yars Revenge. ~FO

    Update: 10/5/03
    I have updated the Links section with lots of new and great stuff. A new and exciting section for Fighting Games has been added with links to www.gamegen.com (Fighters' Generation) and www.blood-sports.net. Fighter's Generation is where 99% of the fighting game character pictures on the SAB articles came from, so I thought it was about time I linked it. It's a great site, and so is Blood-Sports.net, for fighting game fans. In the Game-Specific section we now have links to The Pac-Page, Phred's Cool Punch-Out!! Site, and The Final Fantasy Compendium, all great sites for their respective game series. In the Game Humor section, we have LegendaryFrog.com, which has some of the best Flash movies I've ever seen. And, finally, in the Miscellaneous section we have links to MagicEye.com, Toynbee.net, and Tron-Sector.com. Magic Eyes are cool, and you should try them if you haven't already. Learn all about the mysterious and strange Toynbee Tile phenomenon at Toynbee.net (I've actually seen one of these tiles IRL!), and Tron-Sector is one of the best Tron sites I've seen. Tron is also the best "video game" movie that I've seen.


    Starting this month, in order for your site to appear in the "Friends" section of my links page, you MUST have my site linked! In the rare case that I have an ezboard linked there, my ezboard must be on the ring (see ShnooWorld). You must also be a somewhat-regular visitor of my forums. I don't mean you have to be there every day, even if you stop by once every few months or so, that's okay. But anyone who does not have my site linked, or has not posted on my forums in over a year, has had their site moved to the appropriate section.

    Finally, I have removed links to some sites that have been down for several months. If your site is one of the ones that has been removed, and you want it linked again when it's back on-line, just send me an email when it's up and I'll gladly put it back on there. That's all for now. ~FO

    Update: 10/4/03
    I have two more Switched at Birth articles up in the Oddities section. I had to break it up into two parts because I had so many entries! Hopefully, that'll keep everyone busy for awhile. ~FO

    Update: 10/2/03
    Gah!! That's the last time I associate a "Game of the Month" with a holiday! A number of you suggested that Castlevania would've been a better "Halloween" choice, and I suppose you're right, but I've only actually finished Simon's Quest and Dracula's Curse. I featured Simon's Quest in June, and I'm not quite ready to feature Dracula's Curse, because I might want to revise my review first. Thanks for the suggestion, though, maybe next year. No new updates yet, but I am diligently working on the next Switched at Birth articles. I have had, quite literally, a flood of entries, and I'm trying to get that all put together now. ~FO

    Update: 10/1/03
    Check out Game of the Month for October. BTW, I fixed the directory so that the Cameos pages are now listed correctly, and I corrected one link that wasn't working. In case you've noticed that I removed the game titles from the directory and archive pages for the Games of the Month, that's because I don't want people actually knowing what Game of the Month is before they look at the page. :) Our website of the month is Tomorrow's Heroes, which has a lot of great stuff for classic games (and comic books, too, for that matter), and uh-oh, looks like they're having a "Going Out Of Business" sale! I also added a link to Sailor Moon Crystal World, because I promised the webmaster I would. ~FO

    Update: 9/27/03
    I updated the Glossary of Video Game Terms. ~FO

    Update: 9/22/03
    Cameos has been updated once again. I have new stuff for Final Fantasy 6, Maniac Mansion, Might and Magic, SimCity, Star Fox, Super Mario RPG, and Super Mario World. ~FO

    Update: 9/21/03
    More Cameos have been added! Some are reader-submitted, and a bunch are ones I've been holding back for some time. See what's new for Arcana, Breath of Fire 3, Dr. Muto, Extra Innings, F-Zero GX, Might and Magic, Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, SaGa Frontier, Samurai Shodown, Soul Calibur 2, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game. ~FO

    Update: 9/15/03
    I fixed the Saturn Reviews button. It now matches the others. I also fixed the Cameos section, finally. I've broken it up into 9 pages, with 3 letters per page (except the last one which has 2), to make it easier to read, load, navigate, and update. I've also added new submissions for Blaster Master, Breath of Fire 3, DarkStalkers 3, F-Zero GX, Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear X2, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Paper Mario, Pocket Fighter, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Adventure DX, Tiny Toon Adventures: Montana's Movie Madness, Wario Ware Inc., and Wario World. By the way, we recently had a server upgrade here, and during that time, I may not have received your emails if you tried sending them. So, if you sent in a cameo via email and it has not been posted in this update, you may want to send it again, because I'm sure everything that's been emailed to me up to this point has been posted. ~FO

    Update: 9/13/03
    A couple of major updates. The first, you'll notice is a new section for Sega Saturn game reviews, complete with my review of Albert Odyssey (which I promised on the Albert Odyssey Character Gallery a long time ago.) Eh...Sorry that the button doesn't match the others. FlamingText.com appears to have changed things a bit. I hope I don't have to change all the other buttons, too. O_o I also added links to the Center for Glitch Studies, NES World Wide, and Fantasy Resources. ~FO

    Update: 9/6/03
    And time for another round of Switched at Birth! It's hard to believe we've done 10 of these articles already! And I also have a new addition to the Aliens S.A.B. article (it's the very last entry). Thanks again to all those who sent in submissions for these! ~FO

    Update: 9/3/03
    I added a link to www.marioportal.com to the Links page. I also added two new Kid Icarus strategies to the Kid Icarus Codes page, courtesy of site reader Beau. I have all the submissions for Cameos on hold and ready to be put up, but that section needs to undergo a bit of overhaul. The pages are getting too large, and I want to break it up a little more. I may not get to it until this weekend. I should also have the glossary updated soon, too. Thanks again, for everyone's submissions! ~FO

    Update: 9/1/03
    I have a new Game of the Month for September, and for once I did not feature a game I've already reviewed. I also have a new Website of the Month, Assimilated Midi Collection. Although it hasn't been updated for a couple of years, I've found some really great midi sets there, even some not available at VGmusic.com, such as the SaGa Frontier midis. ~FO

    Update: 8/30/03
    I have a new review up for Ninja Gaiden Trilogy. This marks the first time I've done a review in essay format, rather than the standard category format. I may continue to write this way from now on. I also have up a new Switched at Birth feature. Lots of fighting game characters in this one! Thanks to all those who sent in submissions! ~FO

    Update: 8/28/03
    Nothing new, yet, I just thought I'd let everyone know that I should be getting back on track shortly. I'll be adding a new game review soon, as well as tons of Cameo, Switched at Birth, and Video Game Glossary submissions. If you absolutely must look at something new right now, here is a folder containing some Battle Clash ST sprites, as well as a Blue Dragon from the NES Dragon Spirit and Mother Brain from Super Metroid:


    I made these sprites a long time ago. I salvaged them off my old PC. I appear to have all of the Battle Clash ST's except for Thanatos's second form. ~FO

    Update: 8/23/03
    First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates. Although I knew I wouldn't be able to update once a day forever (it was mostly just to get caught up on everything), I didn't expect updates to come to a complete stop. The problem is that I (very unexpectedly) had to work overtime each night this past week, and I'm just a little miffed about it. I really don't like it when my site and personal life have to suffer because of such dumb things. But anyway, I have another Switched at Birth feature up. This one has a lot of fan submissions and some of my own. A bit of site history: The original idea for the "Switched at Birth" feature came to me a long time ago, before the site even existed. While playing Albert Odyssey on my Saturn one night, I noticed that Rachessa looked a like Kiyone from Tenchi Muyo!. I scanned a picture of Rachessa from the manual and posted it alongside a picture of Kiyone that a friend of mine was using for an avatar, and most people on the board agreed they looked similar. When I finally got around to making my website, one of the first articles (that wasn't a game review) that I was going to put up was an "SAB"...but I had problems with my PC's hard drive, and I lost the picture of Rachessa! I put the project on hold until I could scan another one, but then I forgot about it and by the time I remembered, that PC had died. I can't use my scanner on my new PC because it doesn't work with Windows XP. But SAB would go on anyway, minus the one entry that gave me the idea for it in the first place. But I finally gained access to my old PC again, and I rescanned the Rachessa pic, so now it's finally up!

    I also updated some of the previous SAB pages, including:

  • Better pictures of Killey and Vincent courtesy of LEGOairship
  • Better picture of Umaro in the Umaro/Ron Perlman entry
  • Update to the Solomon Grundy/Incredible Hulk entry with commentary from Codie Martin
  • Update to the Frieza/Dragon Ball Z entry. James FP is now credited for being the one who pointed that out to me a long time ago. ~FO

    Update: 8/15/03
    Although I doubt I'd be able to keep up with this updating once a day forever, the reason I didn't update yesterday is because I was on vacation once again. This time, we went to Six Flags World Adventure. We saw lots of really neat animal shows there. Anyway, back to site business, we have lots of new entries for the Video Game Glossary. Thanks again to all those who submitted entries! ~FO

    Update: 8/13/03
    Sorry I slacked off, but I was on vacation the past two days. Monday, I went to the zoo with my boyfriend and yesterday we went to Cedar Point amusement park. Today, I finished up those Cameos submissions. See what's new for Kirby Super Star, Super Mario Bros. 3, The Simpsons Road Rage, Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose, and Wario Land 2. ~FO

    Update: 8/10/03
    I added a submission from FlowingMindpsin to yesterday's Hidden Songs article for Chrono Trigger. ~FO

    I updated Cameos, but I don't have time right now to get all submissions posted. I did what I could. Hopefully, I'll get the rest posted sometime tomorrow night. For now, check out what's new for Breath of Fire, Donkey Kong Country, Dynamite Headdy, Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 9, Galactic Pinball, Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear X2, Gun.Smoke, Kirby Super Star, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mega Man Battle Network 3, Mega Man Network Transmission, Paper Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, Wario Land 2, Wario's Woods, and Wario World. ~FO

    Update: 8/9/03
    Another oddites page is up. This one is all about Hidden Songs in various games. ~FO

    Update: 8/8/03
    I have a new article up, it's FO's Glossary of Video Game Terms. Thanks go out to some of my forum members for help in putting this together. I hope to add more to it in the future. ~FO

    Update: 8/7/03
    Umm...I made a small addition to yesterday's Secret of Mana page. I added a bit about the turtle island, and frankly, I don't know why it wasn't there because I remember putting it in there yesterday and I had even uploaded the pictures for it. =/

    I put up another oddities page, this one for Breath of Fire. Find out about one of Breath of Fire's most well-kept secrets, and I'm not talking about Agni...~FO

    Update: 8/6/03
    I've added a new oddities page for Secret of Mana. Learn all about the hidden nudity (no joke!), Nekos, Moogles, the Face on Mars, and more! ~FO

    Update: 8/5/03
    I updated the Thing We've Learned From RPGs article with a few new submissions from site reader Alex. ~FO

    Update: 8/4/03
    I have put up yet another Switched at Birth? article. This has fast become one of the most popular features of my site. ~FO

    Update: 8/3/03
    Cameos has finally been updated. See what's new for Contra 3, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Party 4, Pikmin, Pokemon R/B/Y, Ring King, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Spider-Man, Star Fox 64, Star Fox Adventures, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Wario Land 4, Xenosaga, and Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner. I also made a slight update to Oddities 23. I fixed the part about Chaz Ashely of Phantasy Star 4 and Roddy from Blaster Master: Blasting Again with better pictures and more commentary. I also added two new midis (Balan's Fort and the Boss Theme) to the Albert Odyssey Gallery. ~FO

    Update: 8/2/03
    I've added a review of Super Earth Defense Force to the Super NES section. ~FO

    Update: 8/1/03
    Okay, I put up Game of the Month for August. Site of the Month is OverClocked ReMix, a great place for excellent remixes of game music, mostly classic games and some modern stuff, too. The site also seems to have a decent message board. I've also updated the links page. On a side note, I've noticed things have seemed a little slow, lately. It's probably because I have been really lazy with updates. I still have tons of cameo submissions and "switched at birth" stuff I haven't put up yet, and I hope to get to that this weekend. In fact, I may try a goal of updating every day, even if it's something minor, just to get this place rolling again. I am working on a few game reviews, too, but those take more time. ~FO

    Update: 7/24/03
    Eh...sorry for the lack of updates. I've mainly been doing minor maintenance to existing pages. I still have a ton of reader submissions for various sections that I'll get to shortly. Today I finally decided to adjust my Top 100. I removed Aidyn Chronicles, Zelda 2, and the GBC Azure Dreams. Aidyn was kind of a joke when I put it on there. Zelda 2, I'm not that fond of, really. And although I like the GBC Azure Dreams, I don't need to have both it and the PSX version on there, especially since the latter is oodles superior. ~FO

    Update: 7/12/03
    Never trust a webmaster to update when he/she says he/she will. I'm still working on stuff, but I've been mainly doing general page maintenance, trying to fix broken links here and there. Anyway, I also updated the first page of Cameos only. (I still have all the other submissions, but I only maintained the A-I page, today.) See what's new for Athena, Banjo-Kazooie, Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom, Final Fantasy Legend 2, and Final Fight. ~FO

    Update: 7/9/03
    I decided to delete the Top 10 Favorite Websites page for several reasons. The main reason is that websites are always moving, changing, no longer updating, and/or disappearing. It's too much for me to maintain both a links page and a favorite links page. I'll probably update again tonight, but what that update will be depends on my mood and whether or not I finish a review I've been working on. ~FO

    Update: 7/8/03
    I now bring you a completely redesigned links page! New links added. Dead links removed. Slightly new and easier-to-read format. And I'll try to get to those other updates tomorrow. ~FO

    Update: 7/7/03
    I apologize for being a bit behind on updates. I still have to add Cameos and Switched at Birth submissions, and I'll try to get to that before too much longer. Right now, take a peek at Game of the Month for July. ~FO

    Update: 7/3/03
    I added one more Alien look-a-like to Oddities 22, and a strange fish tale to Oddities 23. I also fixed up the Midis page, adding a few new ones here and there. Every midi that is used elsewhere on this site and message board can now be found there for convenience. Finally, if you plan to submit anything to the "Switched at Birth" features, please read the Site FAQ, as I have added some guidelines for it. I haven't forgotten "Game of the Month". I will work on that this weekend. ~FO

    Update: 7/1/03
    No new material, but we do have a new Site of the Month. It's www.fantasyanime.com, a great site for popular anime series and RPGs! ~FO

    Update: 6/30/03
    Another Switched at Birth article has been added to the Oddities section, this one composed entirely of reader submissions. I also added two more to the Aliens SAB article. ~FO

    Update: 6/28/03
    I added a review of Lufia 2 to the Super NES Reviews section. I also updated the Top 100 Favorite Websites a bit. I removed some sites that I no longer visit and added a few more. I probably should just make it a Top 50 for now since I've only made it up to 45. ~FO

    Update: 6/22/03
    Added a few more things to the Switched at Birth: Aliens Special article. ~FO

    Update: 6/18/03
    I've finally decided to split up that last oddities page into two separate pages. Basically, it involved taking all the "Alien" look-a-likes and putting them on their own separate page. All the non-Alien look-a-likes are on Switched at Birth Part 4, and I added even more new ones to that. The Alien look-a-likes can be found on Switched at Birth Part 5, and I added a couple more to that one, too. No more will be added to SAB Part 4, but I will add more to the Aliens Special if I get more. That's why I moved it to its own separate page. ~FO

    Update: 6/15/03
    I added just a couple more things to that Switched at Birth article, and oddly enough, they both involve Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. ~FO

    Update: 6/14/03
    I added some cameo submissions for Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and Super Mario Bros. 2, as well as some for Uninvited that I had discovered awhile ago, but just never put up until now. ~FO

    Update: 6/12/03
    I added a few more things to yesterday's Switched at Birth article. ~FO

    Update: 6/11/03
    I've added yet another Switched at Birth saga to the Oddities section. ~FO

    Update: 6/8/03
    Added a new submission to the Kid Icarus Fanart section. ~FO

    Update: 6/7/03
    You may recall that while this site was on hiatus, I made several updates in which all I did was post some animated Transformers gifs that I had been working on. Well, I took all of those and organized them onto them one page! Check out the Cartoons section to find them. ~FO

    Update: 6/2/03
    Oops! I realized I had forgotten to link the Lagoon review in the Super NES Reviews section. That's been done. I also adjusted the scores for Arcana and Illusion of Gaia by a half of a point. In retrospect, I realized I scored them a bit too low, but scoring isn't an exact science, anyway. I also gave "Game of the Month" its own section, and the new one for June is up, which is Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. ~FO

    Update: 6/1/03
    Okay, you can come down now, Tracks! I've added a review of Lufia & the Fortress of Doom to the Super NES Reviews section. I also added two new Cameos submissions for Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Final Fantasy Tactics. And, finally, our new "Website of the Month" is NES Horsemen, one of the best video game humor sites on the web. I'll be working on Game of the Month soon, too, though I may be a few days late with it. I'm gonna move the GotM archives out of the Kitchen Sink and into their own section, since I don't want the sink filling up with old GotM's. ~FO

    Rocksteady: Oh no, Tracks is protesting again!
    Raoul: C'mon, guys, help me get him down.
    Tracks: No, no! I'm not coming down from here until FO writes another review!

    Update: 5/26/03
    Cameos has been updated. See what's new for ActRaiser, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Guilty Gear X, Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Battle Network 2, Mega Man X5, Mega Man X6, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime, Phantasy Star 4, Phantasy Star Online, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, & The Simpsons Road Rage. ~FO

    Perceptor: We have clearance, Clarence.
    Optimus: Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?
    Trailbreaker: Tower's radio clearance, over!
    Optimus: That's Clarence Oveur! Over.
    Trailbreaker: Roger.
    Perceptor: Huh?
    Trailbreaker: Roger, over.
    Perceptor & Optimus: Huh?
    Beachcomber: I can see my house from here.

    Update: 5/25/03
    That's it! I'm done! The site is 100% completely on-line, now. Here was the last few pages that got uploaded today:

  • Kid Icarus Items, Levels 1-4, Other, & Scans - All Uploaded
  • Kid Icarus Midis - Uploaded & Updated (Added a few more midis)
  • PSX Reviews Index Page - Uploaded

    Coming soon - More Cameos submissions and reviews of Lufia 1 & 2. ~FO

    Sunstreaker: Oh man...we are so wasted...
    Sideswipe: That's the last time we let Blaster and Jazz throw an all-nighter.
    Cliffjumper: Crap...Who's gonna clean up this mess?
    Prowl: Bumblebee?
    Bumblebee: Yes, Prowl?
    Prowl: Get off my back.

    Update: 5/24/03
    Those guys look like I feel. I pulled all the stops today and uploaded almost the entire rest of the site. Here is a rundown of everything that got put up today:

  • Game Boy Reviews Index Page - Uploaded
  • Game Guides Index Page - Uploaded
  • Game List - Uploaded (But in serious need of being updated)
  • Game of the Month 1-5 - All Uploaded
  • Game Shrines Index Page - Uploaded
  • Guestbook Entry Archive - Uploaded
  • Guestbook Index Page - Uploaded
  • Illusion of Gaia Red Jewel FAQ - Uploaded
  • Kid Icarus Codes, Enemies, & Fanart - All Uploaded
  • Kitchen Sink - Uploaded
  • Legend of the Ghost Lion (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • Oddities 16-20 - All Uploaded
  • Real Ghostbusters Page - Uploaded
  • Top 100 Parts 3-5 - All Uploaded & Updated (Midis Added)

    At this point all that's left is the rest of the Kid Icarus Shrine and the PSX Reviews Index Page. ~FO

    Optimus: It's very easy, Prowl. Here, I'll show you again...You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in...
    Bluestreak: *maybe if I stay in car form, he won't notice I'm here*

    Update: 5/23/03
    First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for showing their support of the site in the form of the generous emails I've been getting the past few days. I'm glad to know that people are still checking in from time to time and I'm sorry for making you all suffer through my dumb Transformers jokes. (Me + Video Capture Card = Run in Horror!) Anyway, if I keep going at the rate that I'm going now, it will be about 1 week before this entire site is moved. (At last count, I have 37 pages left to transfer). Anyway, here's tonight's catch:

  • Illusion of Gaia (SNES) Review - Uploaded
  • Jurassic Park Walkthrough - Uploaded
  • Metal Mech vs. Blaster Master - Uploaded
  • Oddities 14 - Uploaded
  • Oddities 15 - Uploaded

    Expect more Cameo submissions to be posted this weekend. ~FO

    Hoist: Be honest, Grapple. Do these bloomers make me look fat?
    Grapple: Well, Hoist, it's not so much the bloomers
    as it is the big yellow bow on your back.
    Hoist: Dash it all, Grapple! Now I feel so self-conscious!
    Grapple: You're like a big, neatly-wrapped Christmas present on legs, Hoist.
    Hoist: Well, I am full of surprises!

    Update: 5/22/03
    Sort of like this website, Hoist. I'm not sure if a respiratory infection counts as an "extreme circumstance", but that's the main reason I didn't update the past two nights. However, I'll try to get back on track, now. My mission of getting this site transferred has become more urgent, recently, because I've noticed problems with the pages at the Geocities site not loading correctly. If you've been there, you may have gotten "Page Not Found" errors, even though they certainly do exist. I don't know what the problem is, but hopefully I'll get everything over here before long. Tonight I've uploaded:

  • Kid Icarus Shrine Index Page - Uploaded
  • Oddities 12 - Uploaded
  • Oddities 13 - Uploaded
  • Magi Nation (GBC) Review - Uploaded
  • Monster Party (NES) Review - Uploaded


    Update: 5/19/03
    It was getting a little bit ridiculous with all the updates below, so I moved a bunch of them to the Update Log. If you're still looking for any of those Transformers animations, you can find them in the Update Log. Tonight I've uploaded:

  • Cameos Part 3 - Uploaded & Updated
  • Captain N Review Part 2 - Uploaded
  • Gradius (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • Oddities 10 - Uploaded
  • Oddities 11 - Uploaded

    Cameos Part 3 is finally here with new submissions for Ready 2 Rumble 2, Soviet Strike, Street Fighter 2, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, and Worms Armageddon added. At this point, I should be completely caught up on Cameos submissions, but in all the confusion of moving this site, it's possible I missed something. So, if you submitted something and it has not yet been posted, drop me an email and let me know what it was. ~FO

    Bluestreak: Yeeeehaaaa!!! Last one to Flying Omelette's Kitchen is a blown gasket!!

    Update: 5/18/03
    First of all, I updated the MIDIs page. I added some more MIDIs, but it might be hard figuring out where I added them. Sorry about that. Basically, some Lufia, Dragon Spirit, Dracula X, Solstice, Alundra, and Ys 3 stuff. I also uploaded the following:

  • Captain N Review Part 1 - Uploaded
  • Cartoons Index Page - Uploaded
  • HyperZone (SNES) Review - Uploaded
  • The Guardian Legend Sprite Compendium - Uploaded
  • Top 100 Websites - Uploaded & Updated

    You may recall the "Top 100 Websites" was originally a "Top 10" with honorable mentions. I have decided to expand it into a Top 100 (though entries are listed in no particular order anymore), and I have added many new sites to the list. However, I am currently only at 45 websites. That's all for now. ~FO

    Tracks: Hey, Huffer, are you done installing that satellite dish, yet?
    Huffer: Sure am! Man, do we get really good reception up here!
    Tracks: You said it! Wow! Look at all the updates at flyingomelette.com.
    Huffer: Whoah...that's a lot. Now we just need some paper umbrellas and we can open up a rooftop martini lounge!
    Tracks: That would be smooth...Oh, crap, we're on camera aren't we?

    Update: 5/17/03
    Major updating! First of all, I've updated the Links page. If you emailed me within the past few months about exchanging links, or if I told you on my message board that I would, it's been done. I also uploaded the following pages:

  • Cameos Part 2 - Uploaded & Updated
  • Combat (Atari 2600) Rreview - Uploaded
  • Hydlide (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • Oddities 8 - Uploaded
  • Oddities 9 - Uploaded

    Also, if you submitted any Cameos within the last few months, I have finally posted them, but only for pages 1 and 2, because the last Cameos page has not yet been transferred. I still have the submissions for that page tucked away, though, so don't despair. I've added submissions for the following games: Arcana, Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire 3, Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy Tactics, Legend of Legaia, Medal of Honor, and MediEvil 2. ~FO

    Red Alert: Thanks, Inferno, for rescuing me from the Kitchen.
    I'm sorry I set the Negavator to explode, again. But you know me.
    Inferno: Aww, gee, Red, you're very welcome,
    but that's the third time this month!
    Red Alert: I know. I just hope FO isn't too mad about the mess.

    Update: 5/16/03
    Phew! Got in a late update tonight because I just got done watching The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Great movie! Tonight I've uploaded:

  • Castlevania 2 (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • Castlevania 3 (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • Heroes of the Lance (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • Solstice (NES) Review - Uploaded & Updated (Midis added)
  • The Krion Conquest vs. Mega Man - Uploaded

    Bluestreak: Hey, Prowl, can you believe it? Flyingomelette.com is being updated again! ... Prowl? Uh...Prowl? Yoo-hoo! Prowl? Ummm...

    Update: 5/15/03
    Yes, Prowl, it's true. I'm continuing to make steady progress on the transferral of this site, and I've only gone slightly insane in the process. Tonight I've uploaded:

  • NES Rip-Offs Index Page - Uploaded
  • Oddities 5 - Uploaded
  • Oddities 6 - Uploaded
  • Oddities 7 - Uploaded
  • Wanderers From Ys (SNES) Review - Uploaded & Updated (Upgraded to new format; midis added)

    Update: 5/14/03
    I had to work an hour and a half overtime tonight, but I still managed to get in my update quota! Tonight, I uploaded:

  • Oddities Index Page - Uploaded
  • Over Horizon (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • Overlord (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • Shadowgate 64 (N64) Review - Uploaded
  • Tetris vs Zanac - Uploaded

    And, yup, two more Transformers animations:

    Warpath transformation - Kinda weird how he squooshes down those tank treads like an accordian when he stands up.

    Stripping Windcharger!! - This one speaks for itself. Words just can't describe it.

    Update: 5/13/03
    Well, everyone, I've finally decided to get my butt in gear and start getting the rest of this site transferred over from Geocities. I vow that each day, unless extreme circumstances prevent me otherwise, I will uploade FIVE pages from the old Geocities location until the whole kit'n'caboodle is here! Today, so far, I have uploaded:

  • A Boy and His Blob (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • ActRaiser Sprite Gallery - Uploaded
  • Operation Wolf (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • Things We've Learned From RPGs - Uploaded
  • Update Log - Uploaded (All recent updates added.)

    And because I know you've been enjoying them so much, how about a few more Transformers animations?

    Optimus Prime transformation - It's about time I got Optimus up here! I have to admit that I think Prime has one of the least interesting transformations. But I do like the "camera angle" used here.

    Perceptor transformation - Perceptor transforms into a microscope. That's quite a unique form!

    Red Alert transformation - Red Alert is on the run! How good this particular gif looks depends on what speed your browser animates it at. Now, on my home PC, it looks kind of crappy. But on my work PC, the animation happens quicker, and it looks fantastic. I don't know what the difference is.

    Update: 5/4/03
    So, here's Game of the Month for May, 2003. And here are some more Transformers animations in case that's not enough for you:

    Huffer transformation - Here's Huffer, also known as, the "other" Autobot tractor trailor, the whiny one, the guy who's head kind of resembles a mole, or, as I like to know him, the only Transformer with a visible bellybutton.

    Laserbeak transformation - Ironically, "Autobot Run" is an episode sort of known for having subpar animation, but this was the best Laserbeak transformation sequence I could find.

    Bumblebee and Gears playing leapfrog? - Okay, everyone, caption this gif! So far, I've come up with, "Whoah, Gears! Don't stop short like that!", or "How many times do I have to tell you, Bumblebee, we are NOT combiners!", or "I know what will help me fall asleep...if I count Bumblebees! One Bumblebee, two Bumblebees, three Bumblebees...", or this one suggested by Port Saiid denizen ErniePants, "Tag! You're it!"

    Ninja Ratchet?! - This is...exactly what it looks like. Autobot medic Ratchet giving Thundercracker a flying kick!

    Ninja Wheeljack?! - And moments later, Wheeljack gives Skywarp an uppercut! Say what you want about Mortal Kombat, but I can't help hearing the announcer say, "Excellent!" when I watch that. I think it's amazing that Ratchet and Wheeljack, between all the time spent repairing Autobots and working on new inventions, would find time to learn karate. The Matrix, anyone?

    Update: 5/3/03
    I have very limited access to my computer right now, so "Game of the Month" for May will most likely not be posted for a few more days. But you can check out "Website of the Month", Sweetbee's Game Hive. This is one of the funniest videogame humor sites to come along in awhile. Great reviews (especially the Action 52 special), a shrine to Ikari Warriors 2, Japanese game commercials, and some really hilarious stuff in the "Fun Tymes" section.

    Here are some more Transformers animations to keep you busy until I begin real work on this site again:

    Astrotrain transformation - Astrotrain goes from robot to train mode. I like how he spins as he does this. Looks pretty toy-accurate, too, which I know because I own this toy.

    Blaster transformation - Blaster changes into a boombox. Someday, I should make a gif of the crazy little "dance" he did right before he transformed here.

    Bumblebee Cybertronian transformation - This is Bumblebee transforming into his Cybetronian "UFO" form. Hmmm...Reminds me more of a butterfly than a bumblebee.

    Cosmos transformation - Cosmos is one of my favorites! I think he kind of looks like a parakeet I used to have. Here he is transforming from his UFO form to robot. Sorry about the "burn" lines around him. (He was flying into the sun in this episode - long story.) But it's the best close-up transformation sequence of the little round green guy I could find.

    Dinobot transformation - My first attempt at a Beast Wars animated gif. This is Dinobot transforming from Velociraptor to robot mode. I had to cut quite a few frames from this to keep the filesize from becoming too big. But I still think it came out pretty well.

    Grimlock transformation - And now for a Generation 1 Dinobot, Grimlock goes from Robot to T-Rex in a few easy steps.

    Grapple & Hoist transformations - Two of my favorite TF characters, Grapple & Hoist transform and roll out. Sorry the gif seems a bit "bouncy" towards the end of the sequence. One of these days, I may attempt redoing some of these gifs by using the DVD's instead of the VHS versions.

    Inferno transformation - Rather dramatic sequence of Inferno transforming from fire truck to robot mode. I love the way he does that thing where he crosses his arms and legs midway through the transformation. The smoke billowing on both sides of him looks pretty cool, too!

    Update: 4/22/03
    I re-uploaded all of the animated gifs posted below. The new ones are considerably smaller in filesize than the originals were, and the timing was fixed on some of them. However, the picture quality is slightly poorer. I still have the original, unoptimized versions of all of these gifs. If you would like an unoptimized version, you can email me for them, but be aware that the filesizes are much bigger. Hopefully, I'll begin work on the rest of the site again soon. (My thumb has healed.) ~FO

    Update: 4/13/03
    Unfortunately, I'm not able to do too much updating on this site right now because of a slightly-injured right thumb which makes it difficult for me to type anything. So, instead, here are some more Transformers animations to entertain you for awhile:

    Bluestreak transformation - Here's Bluestreak transforming into a FairLady-Z. For some reason, he looks really cute to me in the last few frames of this. I guess it's just the way he's drawn.

    Bumblebee transformation - Bumblebee transforming into a Volkswagen beetle. Very small and very nice!

    Hound transformation - This is Hound turning into a military jeep. This isn't the best animated gif I've done, as the background is kind of distracting. But Hound is one of my favorites, so I thought I'd put it up, anyway.

    Shockwave transformation - Shockers is turning into a Cybertronian laser blaster here. I regret that part of his transformation happens offscreen, but I really liked the angle of perspective used for this. I also like Shockwave a lot because I used to own this toy when I was a kid.

    Skyfire transformation - Skyfire transforms into his big interstellar jet form. I really like the way this guy is drawn, even though his cartoon model was altered a bit from the toy model.

    Swoop transformation - My very first Dinobot animation, this one is a very well-animated Swoop turning into a Pterodactyl.

    Trailbreaker's Tazmanian Devil impersonation - This one I did just for fun. This is Trailbreaker after watching too many Tazmanian Devil cartoons...or maybe he's just practicing to be an olympic ice skater. ^_^

    Windcharger transformation - Last one for today. Windcharger changes into a small red car. ~FO

    Update: 4/8/03
    And now for something completely different...

    I have just finished Lufia & the Fortress of Doom (SNES) for the third time in my life, and I will begin work on a review of that game. (Hopefully, it will turn out better than the Extra Innings fiasco.) But, anyway, before I do that, I'd like to share some of my love of the Transformers cartoon with the world. If you don't like Transformers, then this update isn't for you, but if you do like them, then you may enjoy these animated gifs I've created with my boyfriend's Transformers cartoon videos, my VCR, my Video Capture Card, Microsoft Picture It, and a whole lot of boredom.

    First of all, I apologize that these filesizes are so huge. Some are over one megabyte. I might look into some animated gif programs that could help reduce these filesizes, but right now I'm powerless to do anything about it:

    Ironhide transforming into van mode - This is a really cool sequence that first inspired me to create a Transformer animated gif. Most of the times, when these characters are shown transforming, they stand in one place and plop down, but here Ironhide is rotating as he's transforming, which just makes it all the more impressive. (Thanks to Amitrius17 of FantasyAnime for reducing the file size of this one for me!)

    Jazz's 'Drop and Give Me 10' transformation - I like to call it that because it looks like Jazz is getting ready to do pushups as he leaps up, falls on his hands, and completes his transformation to his spiffy race car mode.

    Megatron leaping and transforming - My first Decepticon animation. Decepticons are harder to capture than Autobots because they are usually moving while transforming, so sometimes parts of their bodies end up out-of-frame, which doesn't make for the best animated gifs in the world. Other times, the jets, like Starscream, transform while they're far away from the "camera". But this animation of Megatron transforming is one of the best I've seen so far.

    Prowl & Cliffjumper Side-by-Side transformations - Here are bad boys Prowl and Cliffjumper transforming side-by-side. If you can take your eyes off that indiscriminately-placed clamp on Prowl (!) for a moment, notice how his wheels turn slightly before his entire legs pivot. I've also gotta' love how his window rolls up in the end.

    Prowl doing a backflip - Neat animation of Prowl backflipping through laser fire. I'm surprised something as big and bulky as...a robot that can change into a car could be that nimble.

    Sideswipe transformation - Nice animation of Sideswipe transforming into Lamborghini mode.

    Trailbreaker transformation - I like to call this guy "Trailbreaker the Self-conscious SUV". (Find and read his Tech Specs if you want to know why.) Anyway, this is a pretty decent animation of the big burly guy transforming into his truck mode.

    Wheeljack Cybertronian transformation - Wheeljack transforming into his Cybertronian form! I wish we could've seen more of these guys' Cybertronian forms...

    Wheeljack Earth form transformation - I've saved the best for last! This is Wheeljack, again, but now he's transforming into his more familiar earth car form. I think this sequence is really beautifully animated, and it's a double treat for me because I think that Wheeljack is my overall favorite Transformer (at least on the show, anyway.)

    More to come...

    Update: 4/6/03
    I added a review of Extra Innings to the Super NES section. I apologize because it's not one of my better reviews. But anyway, I also uploaded some stuff from the old site, which includes:

  • Albert Odyssey Character Gallery - Uploaded
  • Ring King Review - Uploaded
  • Super NES Reviews Index Page - Uploaded & Updated (Added Extra Innings Review)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game Review - Uploaded & Updated (Added Midis)

    Update: 4/1/03
    No April Fool's jokes here. Just Game of the Month for April 2003. No time for anything else right now, though.

    Okay, website of the month is X-Entertainment.com. This is one of my top favorite sites on the web. It's a great place for pop culture humor, including reviews for movies, toys, cartoons, and yes, even games. Anyone who is this obsessed with Transformers has gotta be great! =) ~FO

    Update: 3/31/03
    I apologize that this site has gone an entire month without an update. I am experiencing extremely tough problems right now. Hopefully, I'll have up the new "Game of the Month" and "Website of the Month" feature tomorrow, as well as a general announcement regarding this site's future. I will probably have up a new review before long (although it's a pretty crappy review and, truth be told, I'm not in the mood to fix it up and make it a "good" one), and hopefully, I'll get some more stuff from Geocities transferred over soon, too. ~FO

    Update: 3/1/03
    First of all, check out Game of the Month for March. I also updated Cameos, with one new addition for Dr. Franken. By all means, please keep sending me new submissions for Cameos, but until I get the other two pages uploaded, I'll only be updating the A-I section. Don't worry, because I have all the other submissions safely tucked away, and I'll add them as soon as I get the other Cameos pages transferred from the old Geocities site.

    Also, we have a new featured Site of the Month. Normally, I would only put heavily game-related sites up here, but Crack's Smilies is the best emoticon, icon, smiley site I've seen, yet. And if you're like me and run an Ezboard, and don't want to be stuck with Ezboard's crappy emoticons and smilies, this is THE place to go for better ones. Also, they DO have a rather meaty section for video game sprites.

    Don't forget, if there's something on this site you need to find, and you're having trouble finding it because of all the pages that have not yet been transferred, use either the FlyingOmelette.com Directory or the old Geocities Site Directory to help you find it. ~FO

    Update: 2/22/03
    I added a review of Ninja Gaiden 2 to the NES Reviews section. ~FO

    Update: 2/17/03
    I uploaded the following from the old site:

  • Azure Dreams (GBC) Review - Uploaded
  • Ninja Gaiden (NES) Review - Uploaded
    More to come...~FO

    Update: 2/16/03
    Several updates. First of all, I added a review of Xexyz to the NES section. I also updated the first page of Cameos. See what's new for Final Fantasy 6, Golden Axe, and Illusion of Gaia. Added a link to NES Player's Ice Hockey Shrine to the Ice Hockey review. And I added more links to the Links page. ~FO

    Update: 2/12/03
    My yahoo email address's inbox is full. If you want to send me an email, please use this new address: fo@flyingomelette.com.

    Update: 2/8/03
    I uploaded the following:

  • Oddities 4 - Uploaded
  • Return of the Ninja (GBC) Review - Uploaded

    Expect more old and new stuff soon! ~FO

    Update: 2/6/03
    Check out my new review for the Super NES game, Lagoon! Also, I added a link to NESPlayer's Rescue Rangers Shrine to the Rescue Rangers review. I'll work on uploading some more stuff from the Geocities location soon. ~FO

    Update: 2/3/03
    I haven't uploaded anything else yet, but check out Oddities 1 for an update to the Crystalis Mystery. ~FO

    Update: 2/1/03
    Well, Flying Omelette's Kitchen finally has its own domain, however, the entire site is not yet on-line, so you'll probably find a lot of broken links. But don't worry, I'm slowly but surely bringing the site back up to spec. I've created a site directory that will help you find what you need until everything is uploaded:
    FlyingOmelette.com Site Directory

    If you're looking for a particular page, and it's not yet uploaded, all pages are sill on Geocities. Here is a directory for the Geocities location:
    Geocities Flying Omelette Directory

    I've even added some new stuff, most notably, a review of Zanac in the NES Reviews section. I'm also featuring David Wonn's Unique Video Game Glitches as "site of the month". You'll find glitches and tricks for your games that you never knew existed. Why this site doesn't appear on more links pages (other than maybe the fact that it keeps moving) is beyond my understanding, since it's such a fantastic site. Also check out Game of the Month for February!

    Here is a breakdown of what I have done on this site so far:

  • 8-Bit Sega Reviews Index Page - Uploaded
  • Abadox (NES) Review - Uploaded
  • About FO Page - Uploaded & Updated
  • ActRaiser (SNES) Review - Uploaded
  • Adventure Island 2 (NES) Review - Uploaded
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    Update: 01/13/03
    I'm back from my short hiatus. I was involved in a "Game-a-thon" all last week in which participants tried to beat as many games as possible within a week's time. I had a lot of fun, but I didn't get to work on my site because of it. I might put some commentary up on my site about that, later. For now, I have two updates: I archived all the guestbook entries, made replies, and deleted them out of the guestbook itself, because it was full. I also updated my game collection list in the Kitchen Sink. That's all for now. Expect more oddities, cameos, and reviews in the future. ~FO

    Update: 01/04/03
    I added a new oddities feature: Random Earthbound Insanity! ~FO

    Update: 01/01/03
    Happy New Year! Several updates today. Of course, the first being Game of the Month for January. As you may have noticed, I've begun a regular "Site of the Month" feature, with our first site being Rob Strangman's (aka Dire 51's) Organization for the Preservation of Classic Forms of Gaming (OPCFG). I also added some screenshots to the Cameos section for Albert Odyssey. ~FO



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